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Aberfoyle Antique Market

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Aberfoyle Antique Market - Canada's Oldest Out-Door Antique Market

© by George Bailey

The Aberfoyle Antique Market, established in 1961 on the outskirts of Guelph, is held every Sunday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. until October 25th. There's free parking, the grounds mostly wheelchair accessible, and no smoking allowed. Admission is only $2 per person. There is one exception. On Sept. 19th there's a Saturday Special Antique Show and admission is $5 per person.

My wife Ellen and I found it a great place to spend a summer Sunday. Doug Lane, who has owned the market since 1983 says, "Ours's is a true antique market. We have 60 or so regular vendors and an additional 30 one-time vendors each week. Many of these become regular vendors."

As we browsed the clean, organized market we saw a wide variety of goods - old books, retro toys, board games, antique bikes, clocks, butter boxes, and lovely furniture that had stood the test of time. We were intrigued by mannequins that we saw. Ron Thompson of Guelph had one for sale with a small note attached, "Great for HOV Lane."

Ellen discovered this was a market where you could do a bit of haggling. Her antique wrought iron basket to hold flowers started out at $20 but she was able to scoop it for $10.00.

83-year-old Peter Ward, a.k.a. "Dr. Junk," has been a fixture at the market for 44 years. A cheerful guy with a great handle-bar mustache and a joyous grin. You'll find him and his two daughters in an old barn filled with, what Ward refers to as, "wonderful genuine antiques. There's no junk here." He has his late 30's Werlex Tricycle that he rode as a child. Today a big part of his business is providing stuff for movie sets and bars.

I spoke also with Janet and Robert Lovegrove of Paris, Ontario. They've been selling at the market for the past 15 years. Janet says, "We love it here. The owner is easy to deal with, the washrooms are clean, the onsite café is great, the customers and the rest of the sellers are friendly."

We ran across Linda and Gord Douglas of Niagara Falls who have been selling at the market for the past 25 years. Gord told me, "It's plenty of fun and many of our regulars have become friends."

It was a hot day and we were looking for a treat to cool us down. We stumbled upon an ice-cream wagon called, "Get The Scoop." John and Liliana Pusic of Guelph started Bluewater Creamery last May out of a love for ice-cream. They have created 27 flavours using local farm-fresh ingredients. Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble and Cherry Cheesecake - you'll be back for more!

When time to eat, I followed my nose and went inside the on-site Aberfoyle Café where eggs crackled and bacon sizzled and filled the room with the most wonderful smells. I settled for a Peameal bacon sandwich and a cup of coffee. Ellen had a fried egg sandwich and her usual tea. The price for both around $12.We enjoyed our meal on a lovely new outdoor covered patio beside a children's playground.


Aberfoyle Antique Market - Saturday Special, May 2015:

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