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Life is short - go cruising!
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Ming Tappin Cruising in Alaska
Ming Tappin Cruising in Alaska

I'll save that trip for when I am retired. A constant, repetitive explanation, but why wait?

Yes, big trips require more time and budget considerations, which sometimes accompany retirement. But regrettably, many avoid easily achievable trips when they might easily enjoy them NOW.

Take Alaska and river cruising for example. Many people tell me they'll go there when they are older thinking perhaps there is an assumption that these cruises are more laid back and often associated with older travellers. But my advice is, if you ever wanted to go somewhere, you should go - now!

I witnessed parents, relatives and friends who made the decision to put off travel until they were retired, only to run into health issues or other unforeseen circumstances. Sadly for some - even untimely passing. It's heartbreaking to realize that their bucket list will not be fulfilled because they waited too long.

Life is simply too short for a more opportune time. The world changes relentlessly. We never know where we will be and what will happen next year or next month let alone next week. Now, more than ever, volatile political climates and strident world issues conspire to make life and travel even more complicated.

Nevertheless, cruising remains one of the safest, most affordable and effortless ways to see the world at a fraction of the cost and trouble of doing it on your own. Ships sail to all 7 continents, and because the world is mostly covered in water, there are very few unreachable destinations. Even those land-locked vistas can be enjoyed on a pre or post cruise stay!

Cruise choices abound; you can set out for a single night, or as many as 180.

By day, you may spend your valuable time exploring port cities on escorted excursions or venture out on your own. And every night - no matter where you are in the world - safely return to your floating resort with an English-speaking staff, familiar and tasty cuisine, welcome service and a comfortable bed. No packing or unpacking, no long bus rides, no hassles.

If you make that decision to start cruising the world sooner than later, I guarantee that you will be glad that you did.

See you onboard!

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Ming Tappin - Ming took her first cruise in 1991 and was immediately hooked. She took a cruise every year after that, and she had so much fun researching and learning about cruising, she enrolled in travel school and became a travel agent in 1994, specializing in cruises. A marriage and a move to Vancouver two years later, Ming began working in the administration side of the cruise business, helping travel agencies promote cruises to their clients through marketing, promotions and training. Today, Ming continues to work closely with cruise lines and travel agents, and she cruises several times every year to broaden her experience. Ming has sailed on 45 cruises with 17 cruise lines, with many more on her list still to try.
In 2015, Ming created her own company Your Cruise Coach, and began her career as a cruise journalist serving the travel industry. She has been published on three leading Canadian travel industry websites and currently has a cruise column in a travel industry magazine distributed to 8,000 travel agencies across Canada. Ming also writes for the consumer - her goal is to educate the traveling public on the value of a cruise vacation, and share stories of her cruise experiences to help travelers make informed decisions. Ming can be reached at ming@yourcruisecoach.com.
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