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Canal Days 2013

The Niagara Blog:     Canal Days visitors can see (and save) the lighthouse!

Unfortunately, the federal government indicated that it will declare 1,000 Canadian lighthouses surplus, and locally, the Point Abino Light Station and Port Colborne Lighthouse are among the listed victims.

Nonetheless, Port Colborne is striving to maintain an important part of its marine heritage, and the lighthouse will be opened up for guests during Canal Days from Aug. 2-5. The tours will be a first step towards a business plan to preserve the lighthouse. Ferry service during Canal Days will leave from Sugarloaf Marina. Visitors will be charged $15 a person, or $25 for a couple or family.

The lighthouse was built in 1903 with two buildings, the inner lighthouse and outer foghorn. The outer foghorn was built in 1926-27. Hand operated, the outer foghorn was later used as the goal horn at the old hockey arena in Port Colborne.

Canal Days 2013  Canal Days 2013

There's a 1-km tunnel that runs between the outer foghorn and the main inner lighthouse. The tunnel was meant for the lighthouse keeper to be able to travel between the two buildings safely during inclement weather.

The lighthouse was recently made an official weather reporting station, and has been helpful for local anglers and shipping interests.

A keeper stayed at, and operated the lighthouse until 1980, when it was automated. The lighthouse continues to operate automatically.

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