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The Niagara Blog:     Lyndesfarne's world premier of a George F. Walker play to open in Niagara Falls

Lyndesfarne Theatre
4624 Queen St Niagara Falls, Ontario

Not bad for a small, local production company: Lyndesfarne will offer us a premier in only its second year in Niagara Falls! And Canadian playwright George F. Walker will also direct the production. Neat!

George F. Walker Walker's play is called The Ravine. It involves an odd, homeless woman who literally emerges from a ravine to complicate life for an ambitious politician. And you thought Toronto mayor Rob Ford has problems!

Lyndesfarne's first two shows precede Walker's play. Stratford's Nora McLellan stars in Shirley Valentine and The 39 Steps also returns.

A new ticket policy will be offered for the 2013-14 season. High-end prices increase to $35 from $30, and a new $15 ticket price is employed for "zoned seating." Preview performances have been cut in half to $10. Top-level $35 seats for all three shows are priced at $90, a $15 saving, while $25 seats will cash out at $65, $10 less than normal. Those choosing $15 seats will pay $40, thus saving $5 for the season.

The website will soon be launched at: http://www.lyndesfarnetheatreprojects.com/

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