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The Niagara Blog:     Niagara Parks Commission Colour Codes Royal Birth!

Okay, we all know that pink is for female babies and blue is for male babies and chartreuse is for...well, never mind that, but rest assured that as the entire world, well maybe the Commonwealth countries in particular, awaits the birth of the newest member of the royal family, the Niagara Parks Commission and in particular, those folks who run the Niagara Falls Illumination Board are preparing a singular illumination of Niagara Falls to celebrate the historic birth date of the future sovereign.

Janice Thomson, Parks Chair and Niagara Falls Illumination board member says, "We thought this was a special way to commemorate the birth of our future king or queen, and congratulate the royal couple on the arrival of their first child."

Meanwhile, as his mother continues to age well like her mother did before her and who had a reputation for drinking gin, Prince Charles will be coloured pale to coincide for his chances of ever taking over the British throne. I suppose he could emigrate to Egypt.

Niagara Falls

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