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Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia

© By Debbie Thorkildsen
  The most tranquil place I have ever visited is Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia. It is a quaint fishing village located about five minutes from Lunenburg on the south coast of Nova Scotia, a beautiful piece of land that juts into a sheltered cove.
     There are a few small houses on the lane leading to Blue Rocks point. There are smaller buildings near the water to hold the fishing gear and boats of differing sizes bobbing along the shore.
     The rocks actually look blue, hence the name. Standing on the large boulders on the shore you get an awesome view. The waves send cold spray towards you and the wind blows through your hair. There are small crab shells in the crevices between the rocks where they wash up.

Atlantic Surge  Blue Rocks Nova Scotia  Bluenose II  Buildings Used By Fishermen 

     Most families living in Blue Rocks catch fish, lobsters or mussels for a living. Many have lost men at sea when their fishing boats capsized during severe storms suddenly appearing while they worked. Since fishing is a family business with fathers, sons, grandfathers, brothers, nephews and cousins working side by side manning the nets, the entire male population could be wiped out at once by a sudden and severe storm, leaving women and young children with no one to provide for them financially. This actually happened during a severe storm in 1927; Blue Rocks lost nearly all its male population.
     The people are very friendly. They live in Lunenburg County in the Atlantic Time Zone. It is a short commute from Blue Rocks to Halifax. In this small community located on a rural road, there are about 112 families, many with the surname, Tanner, but there are quite a few named Greek and Knickle as well. It is a close-knit community.
     Blue Rocks doesn't have any official attractions or services, simply the exquisite view in any direction. The homes are colourful and the landscape is picturesque, especially at sunrise and sunset. They have a gift shop that sells the usual tourist trinkets as well as local crafts and knick-knacks made by villagers, made on days when the weather is too rough to fish. The most spectacular sight while visiting Blue Rocks is to see Bluenose II with its sails catching the breeze, riding on the tranquil waters not far from shore as the historic vessel docks in neighbouring Lunenburg.

Fishing Boat  Fishing Boat  House with Lighthouse  Tranquil Bay 

     Blue Rocks is Peggy's Cove without the lighthouse, not as large, not as crowded with tourists, and not as foggy. I've been here twice, and I plan to visit again. It is a wonderful environment for one to sit, think, and enjoy the view and relaxing to watch the waves come in and crash against the rocks, sending spray into the air. The sun shimmering across the water, I shield my eyes from the glare and I'm blinded to the cares of this world. Listening to the birds and the sound of the rolling waves, I'm lost in another world where time stands still.

Debbie Thorkildsen lives in Hamilton, Ontario and enjoys traveling with her family.

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