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Drayton Entertainment 2017 Season

by Mike Keenan

Drayton 2017

Drayton Festival Theatre
   •   Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
   •   Office Hours
   •   Harvest
   •   Million Dollar Quartet

Dunfield Theatre Cambridge
   •   Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
   •   Million Dollar Quartet
   •   Marathon of Hope: The Musical
   •   One for the Pot
   •   Rock of Ages
   •   Beauty and the Beast

Huron Country Playhouse
   •   Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
   •   All Shook Up
   •   Million Dollar Quartet
   •   Beauty and the Beast

Huron Country Playhouse II
   •   Jonas and Barry in the Home
   •   Lucky Stiff
   •   One for the Pot

King's Wharf Theatre
   •   Marathon of Hope: The Musical
   •   Million Dollar Quartet
   •   Jonas and Barry in the Home
   •   Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

St. Jacobs Country Playhouse
   •   Singin' in the Rain
   •   Jonas and Barry in the Home
   •   The 39 Steps
   •   Thoroughly Modern Millie
   •   Lucky Stiff
   •   Death of a Salesman
   •   Honk!

St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre
   •   Kings and Queens of Country

Drayton 2017


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - The Irresistible Musical Parable
By turns dazzling, explosive, and electrifying, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is truly a Technicolor triumph! Journey back to the ancient land of Canaan for an enchanting story of faith and forgiveness as the biblical tale of Joseph is chronicled with sparkling wit, irreverence, and imagination. When Joseph's father gives him a fabulous coat of many colors, his 11 jealous brothers hatch a vicious scheme to sell him into slavery. But Joseph rises above his bleak circumstances due to his ability to interpret dreams, and becomes one of the most powerful men in Egypt. Don't miss the rollicking musical masterpiece packed with incredible dance numbers, plenty of laughter, and catchy tunes like "Go, Go Joseph," "Any Dream Will Do," "Close Every Door" and more.

Lyrics by Tim Rice; Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; Appropriate for all ages.

Theatre   -   Show Dates
Dunfield Theatre Cambridge March 1 - April 2
Drayton Festival Theatre May 17 - June 4
Huron Country Playhouse June 7 - June 24
King's Wharf Theatre Aug 10 - Sept 3

Singin' in the Rain - The Musical Splash
This is classic musical theatre at its finest. Making a splash from the moment it premiered, this sensational stage adaptation of the celebrated and beloved film showers you with everything you could wish for in a hit musical! 1920s Hollywood is the setting for this zany, light-hearted romantic comedy about the early days of sound film, when many a movie studio found itself scrambling to salvage the career of its chipmunk-voiced silent picture star. Hilarious situations, snappy dialogue, and a hit-parade score of Hollywood standards including "Good Morning," "Make 'em Laugh," and "Moses Supposes" make Singin' in the Rain the perfect entertainment for any fan of the golden age of musicals.

Screenplay by Betty Comden and Adolph Green; Songs by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed; Based on the classic Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film, by special arrangement with Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures, Inc. Music published by EMI, all rights administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC; Original Movie Choreography by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen; Produced by Arrangement With Maurice Rosenfield, Lois F. Rosenfield and Cindy Pritzker, Inc. Appropriate for all ages.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
St. Jacobs Country Playhouse March 22 - April 15

Million Dollar Quartet - The Musical Inspired By The Electrifying True Story
They came together to make music. They ended up making rock 'n' roll history. Million Dollar Quartet is the hit musical inspired by the legendary 1956 recording session at Sun Records in Memphis. History was made when an extraordinary twist of fate brought together then-rising star Johnny Cash, unknown Jerry Lee Lewis, veteran musician Carl Perkins, and chart-topper Elvis Presley for the first and only time. This powerhouse musical is jam-packed with an incredible roster of musical talent and all the hip-shaking, guitar-twanging hits that made these rock 'n' roll giants famous: "Blue Suede Shoes," "Fever," "That's All Right," "Sixteen Tons," "Great Balls of Fire," "Walk the Line," "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," "Who Do You Love?," "Matchbox," "Folsom Prison Blues," "Hound Dog," and more. Be a fly on the wall of fame at the Tony Award-winning Million Dollar Quartet!

Book by Colin Escott and Floyd Mutrux; Original Concept and Direction by Floyd Mutrux; Inspired by Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins; Recommended for ages 13 and up. Please note this production is performed without an intermission.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
Dunfield Theatre Cambridge April 11 - May 7
King's Wharf Theatre June 21 - July 15
Huron Country Playhouse July 19 - Aug 5
Drayton Festival Theatre Aug 9 - Sept 2

Jonas and Barry in the Home - An Ageless Comedy
Canada's favourite playwright, Norm Foster, has another hit with a brand new comedy filled with big laughs and an even bigger heart. Two seniors are searching for friendship, love, and elusive happiness at the Gateway Gardens assisted living home. Barry Butterfield, a newly retired dentist, is unsure of what to do with all his free time. Jonas Ainsworth, a suave stage actor, spends his days wooing the ladies. Proving opposites attract, the men quickly become an inseparable duo and embark on clever ways to spice up their lives - and the lives of those around them. A mirthful and thoughtful exploration of friendships forged and relationships renewed, Jonas and Barry in the Home is a testament to living each day to the fullest - regardless of your age or stage in life.

By Norm Foster; Starring Norm Foster; Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
St. Jacobs Country Playhouse May 3 - May 20
Huron Country Playhouse II June 28 - July 15
King's Wharf Theatre July 19 - Aug 5

Marathon of Hope: The Musical - The Terry Fox Story
Marathon of Hope: The Musical is a ground-breaking theatrical event that promises to take audiences on an inspiring and uplifting journey. This triumphant new musical examines and celebrates the tenacity of the human spirit with unflinching honesty, grit, and grace as it chronicles the hero's unprecedented cross-Canada marathon for cancer research. Terry's single dream inspired a world of hope ... one step at a time. "I just wish people would realize that anything's possible if you try; dreams are made possible if you try." - Terry Fox

Music & Lyrics by John Connolly; Book by Peter Colley; Appropriate for all ages.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
Dunfield Theatre Cambridge May 15 - June 4
King's Wharf Theatre June 7 - June 17

The 39 Steps - A Comical Caper
Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have The 39 Steps; an outrageous whodunit for anyone who loves a good laugh. Follow the incredible adventures of Richard Hannay, a regular man thrust into a world of mystery and intrigue. You'll be left in hysterics as our hero contends with dastardly murders, double-crossing secret agents, and some good old-fashioned romance ... all culminating in a death-defying finale that is wildly inventive stagecraft at its finest. The longest-running show in London's West End, this hilarious comedy thriller features four fearless actors playing 139 roles in 100 minutes of fast-paced fun and thrilling action. Don't miss it!

Adapted by Patrick Barlow; From the novel by John Buchan; From the movie by Alfred Hitchcock; Licensed by ITV Global Entertainment Limited; And an original concept by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon; Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
St. Jacobs Country Playhouse May 31 - June 17

Office Hours - Six Comedies in One
Filled with snappy dialogue, witty repartee, hilarious predicaments, and hearty laughs, Norm Foster's skillfully constructed six tier comedy speaks to the one common bond that unites us together. It's Friday afternoon in the big city, and in six offices an equal number of very different - yet cleverly intertwined - stories are unfolding at the same time. Discover the connection between a newsman who will do anything to keep his job, a Canadian producer willing to overlook the shortcomings of a down-and-out director, a philandering entertainment agent, a lawyer with big news to share, a delusional jockey, and a love-starved therapist coping with a patient on the ledge. Join us on a madcap race towards quitting time!

By Norm Foster; Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
Drayton Festival Theatre June 14 - June 30

All Shook Up - Inspired by and Featuring the Songs of Elvis Presley
Join us for a fun-filled, feel-good '50s musical comedy inspired by the music of Elvis Presley! The year is 1955 and deep in the Midwest is a town where loud music, public necking, and tight pants are outlawed. A young mechanic named Natalie dreams of hitting the open road for a more exciting life, but a chance encounter with Chad, a mysterious guitar-playing rebel ready to break all the rules, helps her discover the magic of romance and the enduring power of rock 'n' roll. This hip-swiveling, lip-curling musical fantasy will have you jumping out of your blue suede shoes and dancing in the aisles with 24 classic Elvis tunes, including "Heartbreak Hotel," "Jailhouse Rock" and "Don't Be Cruel."

Book by Joe DiPietro; Originally Produced on Broadway by Jonathan Pollard, Bernie Kukoff, Clear Channel Entertainment, Harbor Entertainment, Miramax Films, Bob & Harvey Weinstein, Stanley Buchthal, Eric Falkenstein, Nina Essman/Nancy Nagel Gibbs, Jean Cheever, Margaret Cotter, in association with Barney Rosenzweig, Meri Krassner, FGRW Investments, Karen Jason, Phil Ciasullo Conard. Originally produced for Goodspeed Musicals, Michael P. Price, Executive Producer, Sue Frost, Associate Producer. Appropriate for all ages.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
Huron Country Playhouse June 28 - July 16

Thoroughly Modern Millie - A Broadway Musical Comedy
Thoroughly Modern Millie is a fun-filled musical romp that completely rewrites the rules of love! It's 1922, and small-town girl Millie Dillmount has just arrived in New York City, ready to make her dreams come true. Her plan is simple: find a job as a secretary for an eligible bachelor ... and then marry him. But it doesn't take long for Millie's "thoroughly modern" plan to go awry. Her best friend is kidnapped, her wealthy boss appears uninterested in her flirtations, and the man she actually loves doesn't have a dime to his name ... or so he tells her. Madcap merriment unfolds as our heroine learns about love - and herself - in this light, romantic musical comedy that pays homage to the Roaring Twenties with its catchy tunes, frisky flappers, and explosive tap dance numbers.

Book by Richard Morris and Dick Scanlan; New Music by Jeannie Tesori; New Lyrics by Dick Scanlan; Original Story and Screenplay by Richard Morris for the Universal Pictures Film; Appropriate for all ages.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
St. Jacobs Country Playhouse July 5 - July 23

Harvest - An Honest Crop of Comedy
Join us for an insightful comedy that reaps big laughs. Based on the real-life experience of the playwright's parents, Harvest tells the story of Allan and Charlotte, farmers who trade tough life in the country for a comfortable condo in the city. When they unwittingly rent their farmhouse to a young pilot intent on raising a different "crop" altogether, they embark on an outrageous journey filled with an assortment of unforgettable characters - all played by the same two versatile performers: the Hungarian neighbour, pushy real estate agent, hard-nosed insurance broker, gossipy church ladies, pessimistic police detective ... not to mention the ferocious guard dog. A high-spirited, comedic love note to the independent farmer, Harvest is also a sobering look at the plight of rural Canada. Don't miss the most imaginative comedy of the season.

By Ken Cameron; Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
Drayton Festival Theatre July 12 - July 30

Lucky Stiff - An Ageless Comedy
Take a gamble on a hilarious musical comedy that follows a dead guy who's having the time of his life! In order to claim a large fortune, a bachelor shoe salesman must take the embalmed body of his recently murdered uncle on vacation. But there's just one hitch: if he's unable to convince everyone and pass off his uncle as alive, all the money goes to the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn! Things get even more complicated when he meets a host of quirky characters, each in hot pursuit of the cash. What follows is an offbeat musical farce packed with mistaken identities, millions in diamonds, and a wheelchair-bound corpse wearing sunglasses that will leave you dying of laughter!

Book and Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens; Music by Stephen Flaherty; Based on "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo" by Michael Butterworth; First Produced by Playwrights Horizons, Inc. Off-Broadway in 1988; Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
Huron Country Playhouse II July 20 - Aug 5
St. Jacobs Country Playhouse Aug 9 - Aug 27

One for the Pot - A Rich British Farce
A seemingly endless string of mistaken identities, unrequited romances, and hilarious confusion cause this bubbly farce to boil over in a bevy of laughs. Billy Hickory Wood must prove to a rich mill owner that he is the only surviving child of a late business partner in order to claim an inheritance. Unfortunately, his efforts are complicated by the arrival of a horde of other claimants - each of whom professes the same identity and should be the rightful beneficiary. Surrender to the silliness of summer with an outrageous comedy that will leave you in a wealth of hysterics.

By Ray Cooney & Tony Hilton; Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
Dunfield Theatre Cambridge July 26 - Aug 12
Huron Country Playhouse II Aug 16 - Sept 2

Beauty and the Beast - An Enchanted Family Musical
Disney's most popular musical is a true international sensation, captivating 35 million people worldwide with its entertaining blend of romance and magic. A terrible hex has transformed a handsome prince into a monstrous Beast, and the spell can only be broken if he finds his one true love before the last petal falls off an enchanted rose. He meets his match in a strong-willed young woman named Belle, the daughter of an eccentric local inventor. But can the Beauty tame the Beast and see the truth beneath his physical appearance before time runs out? With stirring musical numbers like "Be Our Guest," "Something There," and "Beauty and the Beast," this lavish production radiates with sweetness and light. Discover the redemptive power of love with a charming story that will warm your heart and affirm your faith in miracles.

Music by Alan Menken; Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Tim Rice; Book by Linda Woolverton; Originally Directed by Robert Jess Roth; Originally Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions; Appropriate for all ages.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
Huron Country Playhouse Aug 10 - Sept 3
Dunfield Theatre Cambridge Nov 22 - Dec 24

Kings and Queens of Country - Classic Hits of Early Country Music
The Schoolhouse Theatre is home to a brand new, foot-stompin' country music show! In the tradition of the Grand Ole Opry, some of country music's greatest pioneers are celebrated in this energetic, fun-filled musical revue: Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Conway Twitty, Charley Pride, Merle Haggard, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, and many, many more. Fusing elements of classic country, western, gospel, bluegrass - and a touch of comedy - Kings and Queens of Country is a jubilant walk down memory lane. So venture back to the honky-tonks and saloons which shaped country music's glorious history, and get lost in the nostalgia of a simpler time.

Appropriate for all ages.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre Sept 19 - Dec 24

Rock of Ages - The Totally Rad ‘80s Musical
Fans of '80s arena hard rock music will dig this awesomely hilarious musical comedy that wails with big chords, big hair ... and an even bigger heart. It's 1987, and aspiring rocker Drew Boley meets and falls madly in love with Sherrie, a fresh-faced Midwesterner who has recently moved to Los Angeles to chase her movie star dreams. Will their stars rise? Will their love last? Find out in the worldwide phenomenon featuring 28 classic rock tunes like "Don't Stop Believin'," "We Built This City," "The Final Countdown," "Wanted Dead or Alive," "Here I Go Again," "Harden My Heart," "Can't Fight this Feeling," and "I Want To Know What Love Is." Don't stop believin' ... the music that ignited a generation is now rocking Cambridge!

Book by Chris D'Arienzo; Arrangements & Orchestrations by Ethan Popp; Contains mature themes and language. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
Dunfield Theatre Cambridge Oct 11 - Nov 5

Death of a Salesman - A Dramatic Masterpiece
Join us for a riveting interpretation of one of the greatest plays of the 20th century. Death of a Salesman tells the poignant story of the last days of Willy Loman, a failing salesman who cannot understand how he failed to achieve success and happiness. Through a series of soul-searching, fractured revelations on the life he has lived with his wife, sons, and business associates, we discover how a corrosive quest to realize the American Dream can blind us from the people who love us the most. An elegant and savage work of deep and revealing beauty, Death of a Salesman remains one of the most profound classics of the stage. Don't miss this Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning drama.

By Arthur Miller; Contains mature themes and language. Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
St. Jacobs Country Playhouse Oct 11 - Oct 29

Honk! - The Ugly Duckling Musical
Being different is good! This timely message is more relevant than ever, and resonates with kids and adults alike. Based on one of Hans Christian Andersen's most beloved fables, this high-energy musical comedy tells the story of Ugly, a duckling born into ridicule and loneliness simply because he is different. When he leaves the farm and embarks on an adventure of self-discovery, encountering peril while unknowingly outwitting a ravenous cat, Ugly discovers there's much more to him than anyone thought. Since it first hatched in 1993, Honk! has taken flight in 8,000 productions around the world. Winner of multiple awards, including the prestigious Olivier Award for Best Musical, this universal story of acceptance is sure to quack up audiences of all ages with its unique gaggle of barnyard characters, tuneful songs, and clever comedy. So bring the entire family to the St. Jacobs Country Playhouse this holiday season for a quackingly good time!

Music by George Stiles; Book and Lyrics by Anthony Drewe; Appropriate for all ages.

Theatre  -   Show Dates
St. Jacobs Country Playhouse Nov 29 - Dec 24

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