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The Niagara Blog:     Keeping calm and eating on – in Niagara

Gathering Niagara

Her logo, echoing that of the Brits, but in a funny fashion, states: "Keep calm and eat on!" That's just the kind of jingoism that food-lovers fancy. Lauren O'Malley Norris is Gathering Niagara.

"Gathering Niagara" was created out of love for bringing people together and making them happy. 'This joy, in my experience, tends to involve fine food, local wine, interesting activities, and live music more often than not,' she says. And based in Niagara-on-the-Lake, there is no shortage of all of the above!

Her background in graphic design and communications has come in handy for creating fun event logos and getting the word out, and Lauren accomplishes this with a series of informative newsletters alerting us to gastronomic delights.

Lauren's website provides one with Niagara menus, events, chefs, photos, tweets and a blog!

Check out Gathering Niagara: www.gatheringniagara.com PH: 289.969.7677

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