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Hollywood North

© By Joei Carlton Hossack
  By the time my camper was loaded on that hot and muggy July day, I was almost ready to hit the road, but fortunately, I hadn't turned the water off in my apartment so I took time for a cool, refreshing shower before  my final inspection and last minute chores. Then, I hit the road - clean, hair-washed, sweet smelling and ready for a two-month solo adventure.
     Traffic was light on Highway 1 heading east, and although I had driven past Hope on many occasions, this was the first time I actually drove into the town. I couldn't believe how pretty it was. Immediately, I grabbed my camera and quickly started snapping pictures of all the carvings strategically placed to be admired by tourists while at the same time checking out each store or park located behind it. I wondered if Jason of Nightmare on Elm Street fame knew that there were other more positive uses for a chainsaw.
     I wandered around town and wished that the blustery winds would tone down a bit. I wasn't particularly interested in the fact that Hope is an ideal location for glider flying or that, for a fee of $150.00, 20-30 minute rides are available or that most pilots are members of the Hope Gliding Centre. I like both feet on the ground at all times.
     I waited to cross the main road at a busy intersection under a rotating Shell Oil sign and worried that it would suddenly take flight...or that I would. Thankfully, I crossed safely to a small park and viewpoint along the water's edge. Small islands dotted the water. I stood overlooking the Fraser River and took a few more pictures of the delightful panorama.

By Fraser River  Chainsaw Sculpture  Paw Print  Sculpture  Tourism Information Centre 

     At the Tourist Information Center on the main street into town, I learned that Hope is called Hollywood North by people in the know. The following are some movies have been made here: 1982 - The first Rambo film: First Blood with Sylvester Stallone, 1988 - Shoot to Kill with Tom Berenger and Kirstie Alley, Fire with Fire and K-2 which was not filmed entirely at the real K-2. (In fact, much was filmed on snow-capped peaks in the Fraser Canyon. This is what Hollywood is made up of - imagination), 1993 - White Fang, 1994 - a remake of Old Yeller - a film entitled Far from Home: Adventures  of Yellow Dog.
     This was my first trip to Hope; unfortunately, it was much too early to stop for the day. Perhaps the next time I'll stay overnight at a local campground. I headed on up to Boston Bar and ended up in a 5-spot campground right on the main road.

Joei Carlton Hossack is the author of 8 adventure travel books including her latest mini read: How I Lost 3 Pounds in 30 Years of Dieting Without Going Hungry. She is an entertaining and inspirational speaker, a memoir and travel writing teacher and amateur photographer and world traveler. She can be reached at www.joeicarlton.com or by e-mail at JoeiCarlton@Hotmail.com

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