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The International Travel Writers Alliance

The International Travel Writers Alliance offers its members a network that lists myriad sources of travel information. Here are the members with a brief description of each and individual websites:

10Best provides its users with original, unbiased, and experiential travel content on top attractions, things to do, and restaurants for top destinations in the US and around the world.

About.com Go Caribbean
Caribbean Travel is the best resource on the Internet for planning a holiday, trip or vacation to the Caribbean. www.gocaribbean.about.com

The Absolute Travel Addict
The Absolute Travel Addict is a personal travel blog that highlights the personal travels of April D. Thompson.
•  5,000 readers per month and a social media community of about 6,000

Active City Travel
Active City Travel.com focuses on outdoor activities near large urban centres

Adventure Cruising
Adventure Cruise Specialist Steve Newman's blog dedicated to offers/new cruises from adventure cruise companies.

Allegria Travels
Allegria Travels embarks on new adventures or revisit old favorites, open windows to distant places or those just down the street.

AllWays traveller
AllWays traveller is the consumer features 'arm' of the International Travel Writers Alliance. It provides independent travellers with features from the Alliance's professional travel journalists.
•  10,000 plus dedicated visits a month.

Amateur Traveler
The Amateur Traveler is an online travel show that focuses on travel destinations and the best places to travel to. It includes a weekly audio podcast, a video podcast and a blog.
•  400,000 pages a year and over 1,000,000 podcast downloads

Arabian Tales and Other Amazing Adventures
Arabian Tales and Other Amazing Adventures are tales of a first time expat experience in the Middle East
•  9,000 per month

Asian Avenue Magazine
Asian Avenue magazine builds bridges of awareness, knowledge and understanding between the diverse Asian Pacific American (APA) communities and the general public through cultural insights, pop culture, news and information.
•  240,000 readers

Bacon is Magic
Bacon is Magic focuses on the culture of a region and what makes each place special and unique whether it be through traditional food or people met along the way.

Backpacking Bella
Backpacking Bella is an inspirational guide to beautiful world travel on a budget, for women aged 25-35.

Bark Bite Travel
Bark Bite Travel is a blog on travel, restaurants and culture. The bark bit is that Natasha Blair specializes in travelling with her dog who has a pet passport.
•  1,500

Beejay Musings
Beejay Musings is travel writer Bina Joseph's travel blog, (again mostly about travel), is MUSEings.

Bespoke Traveler
Bespoke Traveler is a digital travel publication seeking to inspire fellow travelers through travel and adventure stories about art, architecture, culture, music, and cuisine.

Besudesu Abroad
Besudesu Abroad focuses on value travel and digging deep into the culture of the country through its local food, festivals and people.
•  20,000 per month

Beyond London Travel
Beyond London Travel is a travel planning website aimed primarily at overseas visitors to London, which gives practical advice on how to get there, and where to stay and what to do when there.
•  200,000 page views a year

Black Atlas
Black Atlas from American Airlines combines the best features with the power of social networking to create a dynamic online community for travelers to share experiences unique to the black community.

The Bon Vivant's Blog
The Bon Vivant's Blog includes travel, lifestyle and luxury related reviews and recommendations, including many 'best of' and 'top 10 lists' for London.

BrazilMax is an online travel guide to Brazil

Brussels Airlines 'B-there' Magazine
Brussels Airlines in-flight magazine with an online edition.
•  1 Million monthly

Business Travel News
The Business Travel News is a worldwide round-up and commentary of the weeks intelligence world-wide concerning business travel and is published in London midnight 50 weeks of the year.
•  43,000

Canada MSN Travel
MSN CA Travel is an online source for guide books, articles, features and photos on Canada, the US and international destinations.

CD Traveller
CD-Traveller.com is a website for anyone who loves travel and likes to talk about it.
•  250,000 users per month

Changes in Longitude
After turning 50, Philadelphia natives Larissa and Michael Milne left their old world behind and have been traveling the world as global nomads for 3+ years. Changes in Longitude won the 2013 Lowell Thomas Silver Award for Best Travel Blog.
•  30,000 monthly visitors

Chasing the Donkey
Chasing the Donkey is dedicated to Croatia and travelling in the country like a local.
•  40k monthly page views

City Chronicles
City Chronicles has a travel news page which is updated with news predominantly around tourist attractions in Europe.

Cloggie Central
Cloggie Central is a travel blog about living in and travelling around the Netherlands.
•  1500 unique visitors a month

CNN Travel (Shanghai, China)
CNN Travel, the travel arm of the hugely popular CNN International website, focusing in and around the city of Shanghai, China.

Cocktails and Joints
Cocktails and Joints is an online lifestyle magazine that covers all things cocktail, dining, fashion, travel, entertainment and drink recipes.

Creative Paths to Freedom
Creative Paths to Freedom explores creative living, travel adventures and life without debt.

Cruise and Train Travel Examiner
Ginger Dingus showcases her adventures by train and cruise ship whether far away or close to home.
www.examiner.com/cruise-and-train-travel-in-san- francisco/ginger-dingus

The Cultural Voyager
The Cultural Voyager previews and reviews cultural events around the world.
•  100,0000 users per month

Dave's Travel Corner
Travel features for the international travel community.

Date Night Agenda
Australian based website for those in various stages of a relationship looking for the perfect place to visit with their partner.
•  2000 unique visits per month

Digital Journal
Digital Journal is a digital media news network with thousands of Digital Journalists in 200 countries around the world

The Dinky Guide
Double Income No Kids Yet webzine for couples who like to travel.
•  100,000 users per month

Doc's News
Doc's News, is a blog focusing on travel, food tourism, wines of the world, spirits and cocktails, the visual and performing arts, Civil War tourism in the American South and destination networking.
•  25,000

DougBardwell.com is a travel and tech blog covering interesting destinations and events around the world, along with the gear that makes traveling fun.
•  33,000 readers from 133 countries

Dreamscapes Travel & Lifestyle Magazine
Dreamscapes offers a wide selection of editorial features that introduce readers to destinations around the world, lifestyle topics and travel products.
•  250,000

Eat: Nice 'La Cambuse'
Eat: Nice 'La Cambuse' is a restaurant review website

Eclectic-travel on Examiner.com
Karen Rubin produces eclectic-travel features on a wide range of destinations including family travel, ecotourism, educational travel and hotel, resort and cruise reviews
•  60,000

Ecotravelguide is an online guide promoting the increasing popularity in environmentally friendly responsible tourism, including global destinations, news and events, nature and wildlife, book and gear reviews, city guides and ed's blog
•  15,000+/month

Emirates 'Open Skies
Emirates 'Open Skies in-flight magazine with an online edition.
•  2.3 Million monthly

EpicuriousTravelers.com showcases published work and ongoing travels off the beaten track by Elizabeth Margolis-Pineo, a freelance travel columnist for the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram.
•  15,000 hits a month

EuropeUpClose.com is the insider's Europe travel guide offering the best advice, tools, tips and destination information for planning - or just dreaming about - your next trip to Europe.
•  22+K per month

Eurotravel magazine
Eurotravel magazine is an online flip page magazine with over 70 pages of advice and information on European destinations including the UK.
•  80,000 page views per edition

Examiner.com, Family Examiner
From food to travel to the best gadgets, Cristine Struble believes that families should be explore all the opportunities available to them.

Family Travelers Magazine
Family Travelers Magazine is filled with travel news, tips & reviews for traveling families everywhere.
•  100,000

Faszination Südostasien
Faszination Südostasien is a German language Travel blog about South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
•  20.000 Unique Visitors, 50.000 Page Views

Finding the Gypsy in Me
Finding the Gypsy in Me is a blog that explores travel adventures, creative lifestyles, and debt-free living. creative forms of long-term travel.

Fish & Feathers
Fish & Feathers is an international Travel Blog by Dutch photographer Maarten Vis (meaning Fish) and travel writer Hilde Veeren (meaning Feathers).
•  75.000

Fitglobetrotter is all about luxury travel with a healthy twist, and shows how a great spa can do wonders for your emotional and physical well-being, how to use the world as your gym and how to make smart and delicious food choices around the globe from gourmet dining to street eats.

Five Star Magazine
Five Star Magazine is an award-winning publication about luxury hotels, resorts, fine dining restaurants and bespoke luxury services.
•  20K subscribers

Florida Cruise & Travelers Magazine
Florida Cruise And Travelers Magazine provides the best cruise and travel news, tips and reviews in Florida and around the world!
•  150,000

Food and my Travels
Food and my Travels links places visited with the local cuisine.

FoodandTravel.com offers words, pictures and ideas about food, travel and culture

Four Jandals Adventure Travel Blog
New Zealand's adventure travel blogging couple provide travel tips and adventurous tales to help you travel outside your comfort zone, in comfort.
•  17,000+

Gay Travelers Magazine
Gay Travelers Magazine - the best cruise & travel news, tips & reviews for the sensible gay traveller, with verified readers from every part of the world who are travellers travelling more widely and more often both domestically and internationally than other demographic group.
•  250,000

German Wings Magazine
German Wings in-flight magazine with an online edition.
•  1.8 Million bi-monthly

Getaway Mavens
Getaway Mavens curates the best offbeat escapes in the Northeast USA
•  15k page views/month and growing (only one year old)

Giddy Limits
Giddy Limits is an online magazine featuring all things of interest to the over 50s with travel one of the key search terms for readers who love travelling and adventure holidays.
•  10,000 unique hits per month

Girl's Trip Tips
A travel blog for female solo travellers with useful information, reviews and guides on travelling in general as well as tips for great destinations.

Glamour Granny Travels
Glamour Granny Travels features the world travels of an older woman who travels on her own in style and comfort, staying in boutique and 5 star hotels and resorts but is not averse to adventure and veering off the beaten path.
•  250,000

Global Adventure
Global Adventure, by award-winning travel Journalists Judith Fein and Paul Ross explores how people all over the world live, eat, love, pray, play, heal, celebrate, interact with their environment and connect communally.

Travel Journalist Ron Stern is the Global Gumshoe, an affable old-school detective who bumbles his way around the world uncovering new and interesting places

Global Views Photography
Global Views Photography contains a travel blog section.

Go Europe
Go Europe is a European vacation travel guide featuring Europe maps, independent tours, travel tips, and information for independent travel to Western Europe.
•  0ne million visitors a year

Gohemian Travellers
Gohemian Travellers aims to inspire, delight and transform people into the travellers/adventurers that they really want to be.

Golf Vacations Magazine
Golf Vacations Magazine is a monthly digital magazine devoted to golf travel and vacations.
•  One million e-mails sent monthly

Going Places Near and Far
Going Places Near and Far highlights timely travel offers, packages, new services, events, festivals, deals, travel contests and sweepstakes

The Good Life France
The Good Life France covers France and all things French including culture, heritage, off and on the beaten track places to visit, cuisine, practical guides to living in France, expat interviews, regional guides and My French Life blog.
•  +100,000 visitors per month, social media followers +30,000

Gourmet Highway
Gourmet Highway, is a regular feature column in Flavors and More of mycookingmagazine.com.

Gourmet on the Road
Gourmet on the Road is a fun and useful guide to gourmet travel around the world with one of Australia's most experienced food, wine and travel writers.
•  7,000 visitors per month

Grown-up Travel Guide
Grown-up Travel Guide is a rapidly-growing travel blog aimed at the post-backpacking generation. Providing inspiration and information to solo travellers, couples and families for whom unique experiences, affordable luxury and adventure are more important than saving every last cent.

Happiness Plunge
Happiness Plunge is Adam Pervez's blog, which focuses on the pursuit of happiness while traveling the world.

Hartford Travel Examiner
The Hartford Travel Examiner carries collection of travel writer Bina Joseph's articles on exotic travel destinations and experiences around the world.

Healing Lifestyles
Healing Lifestyles & Spas content focuses on integrating healing remedies, alternative medicine, natural living, spa wisdom, and nature

Health Spa News
Health Spa News features recognised medical centres and how to travel, stay etc
•  30,000 per month

Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel
Barbara Weibel's blog as a travel writer and photographer.
•  30,000 unique visitors

The Holiday and Travel Magazine
The Holiday and Travel Magazine is an innovative new way of promoting tourism in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales in Australia, selected Australian cities, and featured overseas countries.
•  32,000

Holiday Mag
Review features of hotels, destinations and cruise ships

HotelDesigns provides news of new and refurbishment programmes, product announcements and Critiques of the design of hotels.
•  Over 110,000 readers visits every month reading about 1.1million pages.

The Huffington Post travel
The Huffington Post travel section covers various aspects of travel, from vibrant photo spreads, to illuminating essays, to explorations of the more political aspects of travel.
•  The Huffington Post receives more than 10 million visitors per month

I Like Local
I like local is a sustainable social travel platform that enables travelers to book a unique, local activity with a local in a developing country with travel reviews.

Independent Travel Help
Website and blog to inspire, motivate and provide information to women aged 35+ who want to travel independently for the first time.

The Indulged Traveller
The Indulged Traveller is Barbara Kingstone's blog dedicated to luxury travel and lifestyle.
•  1,000 visitors per month

Insider Scotland
Scottish travel and tourism website written by Scottish travel writers, who have stayed at every hotel and eaten at every restaurant they write about.
•  3,000 unique user per month

Inspired by Travel
Inspired by Travel is an eponymous travel blog that documents beauty and the unexpected through travel, as experienced by its Australian author.
•  5,000 email subscribers

International-travel on Examiner.com
Karen Rubin produces features on international destinations, travel experiences
•  60,000
www.examiner.com/international-travel-in-national/karen- rubin

International Travel Writers.com
International Travel Writers.com is a travel website sharing Carolynne Woods view of various travel destinations.

Jasmine Wanders Travel Blog
Jasmine Stephenson has been travelling around the world since 2007 and is currently enjoying the expat life in Medellin, Colombia.

Jeanne's Travel & Entertainment Tips of the Day
Jean Strauber furnishes the adventuresome and even the not-so-adventuresome page viewer with information about a variety of destinations and entertainment (primarily Los Angeles area) venues and happenings.
•  2500 hits per month and fast-growing

Jessie on a Journey
Jessie on a Journey takes readers beyond the guidebook through quirky narratives, lesser-known experiences, immersive travel narratives and unusual news stories.
www.jessieonajourney.com and www.epicureandculture.com

Jetsetera is a luxury lifestyle travel guide by former model Kimberly Fisher. It focuses on travel, food, fashion, beauty and more!

The JetSet Family
The JetSet Family is an online travel + lifestyle resource curating the best travel spots, trends and fine-dining experiences around the world.

Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal
Julie provides insider tips and inspiration, from a British expat, for living and travelling in Portugal.
•  12,000 unique monthly visitors, 30,000 monthly page views

Just A Platform
Just A Platform is an international cultural site with news/features, people profiles, travel/places, events and projects from around the world.
•  5,000 unique visors a month. 10,000 page views.

JustSayGo.com highlights global journeys to tempt all travellers
•  40,000 hits per month

The JWR (James Wegg Review)
Over 1600 pages of international performing arts, film reviews, festival commentaries and travel highlights between performances.

KentOnline offers extensive news, entertainment, sport, leisure and travel coverage across the UK county of Kent
•  More than 1.5m monthly unique browsers

La Gran Chiquitania
La Gran Chiquitania is the world's most-visited travel web site on eastern Bolivia
•  2MM+ visitors annually
www.chiquitania.com and www.chiquitania.org

Luxe Adventure Traveler
Luxe Adventure Traveler is an award winning travel website for the luxury adventure traveler.
•  75,000 monthly

The Luxe List
The Luxe List keeps its proverbial finger on the pulse of the luxury marketplace in search of new and innovative must-haves and exemplary experiences at all price points - the affordable to the extreme.
•  Merilee Kenr at merilee@kerncommunications.com

Luxury Latin America
Luxury Latin America is the premier source of information for the best Latin American Hotels and best luxury tours.

Leave Your Daily Hell
Leave Your Daily Hell is one of the most popular independent travel blogs online and chronicles Robert Schrader's journeys around the world.
•  40,000 unique monthly visitors

Leisure Travel Reports
Leisure Travel Reports is designed for the leisure traveler to gain information about destinations, tours and excursions and travel in general, including Trendy Travel updates.

Live the 5 Star Life
Marjorie Rothstein's blog as a luxury resort and spa trends specialist with a focus on luxury pampering, wellness retreats and new aging breakthroughs.

LocalGuiding Travel Blog
LocalGuiding Travel Blog features travel news, advice and adventures by local guides. On our website, travelers can easily find and instantly book personalized tours organized by locals.

Magical Andes Photography
The online portfolio of James Brunker, a British photographer based in La Paz, Bolivia.

Federico's travel blog provides travel tips, travel stories and videos.
•  40,000 readers a month

MamaBuzz aims to inspire life every day with creative inspiration related to travel and local places of interest, food and recipes, home and garden, crafts, DIY, awareness, entertainment, and more.

Mapping Megan
Mapping Megan is an adventure travel blog mapping personal evolution through adventure travel.
•  11,000+ hits per month

Metro Milwaukee Guide
The Metro Milwaukee Guide is a one-stop shop for things to do in and around the Milwaukee area

Miami traveller
Miami traveller features lifestyle, cultural, events news, accommodation and dining in the greater Miami area for travelers and residents.

The Mom Reviews
The Mom Reviews is a travel and lifestyle blog of resort reviews and more!
•  32000 visitors/month

Mom's Guide to Travel
Mom's Guide to Travel provides ideas and strategies for family travel in the United States and around the world, while also providing experiential travel content on spa travel, luxury travel, historical travel, food and wine travel.

Monkeys and Mountains
Monkeys and Mountains is an adventure travel blog with a focus on offbeat places.
•  40,000 page views a month

More Magazine
More Magazine celebrates women of style and substance with articles on style, health, work, spirituality and relationships.

More Time To Travel
More Time to Travel provides advice, information and inspiration for the over-50 luxury traveler, produced by travel journalist Irene S. Levine.
•  25,000 visitors per month

The More You Travel, The Less You Know
The More You Travel, The Less You Know is the weekly column on Vagabundo Magazines blog by travel writer and photographer Ash Clark.

The Most Alive - Travels of a Wild Heart
The Most Alive is the independent travel blog of writer and photographer Ash Clark.
•  4,600 page views p/month

Mrs. O Around the World
Mrs. O Around the World is a luxury travel blog Excited by all good things in life, Mrs O spends a significant part of her life travelling around the world and having a bit of fun.

National Association of Baby Boomer Women
Living and traveling abroad expert for the NABBW website, one of the top baby boomer websites in the United States.

Offbeat places and unusual destinations and a fresh look at old favorites written by people who have been there.
•  About 40,000 to 60,000 visitors per month

Off The Path
Off the Path is a leading travel blog focusing on one of the fast growing segments of the travel industry: Flashbackers and Adventure travels.
•  25.000+ monthly readers

Ogmosis is an eclectic blog featuring travel articles alongside interviews and comment across sport, film, TV and books.

One Weird Globe
Chris travels to the weird and bizarre places not found in guidebooks and writes about life as a long-term expat.
•  15,000 readers a month

Pacific Coast Highway Travel
Pacific Coast Highway Travel is a travel content website helping people to plan their road trip along the Pacific Coast of the USA, from San Diego in southern California through Los Angeles and San Francisco and on into Oregon and Washington State.
•  500,000 page views a year

Pampered Traveler
Pampered Traveler is about destinations and adventures with features on new or heavily renovated luxury resorts, high end destination spas, yacht charter sailing and new cruise ships and routes.

Planet Appetite
Planet Appetite is Rupert Parker's blog about food and travel.
•  30,000 users per month

Rachel Cotterill blog
Rachel Cotterill’s blog publishes travel stories, photographs, and food.
•  10,000 hits/month

Readers Digest Canada
Readers Digest Canada provides travel content including adventure travel, budget and family travel, world travel and travel tips.

Real Travel Adventures
Real Travel Adventures is a twice monthly travel magazine with writers and photographers from four continents.

Rear View Mirror - the road trip travel blog
Rear View Mirror records Andrea's life of travel giving an in-depth view of a destination and fun, fast paced road trips.
•  32,000 views per month

The Ribble Valley Foodie
The Ribble Valley Foodie reviews food and restaurants in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire, England.

Road Trips for Foodies
Road Trips for Foodies is an online publication for travelers who know that the best way to experience a destination is by exploring its cuisine.
•  20,000+

Robin Mead
Robin Mead is a hugely experienced travel journalist and author who for the past year has run his own travel website packed with travel news, views and articles, and updated almost daily.

Ronsterntravel.com is a travel blog by Ron Stern with articles, clips, Ron's travel speaking schedule and video clips.
www.ronsterntravel.com and www.ronsternimages.com

Rupert Parker on Huffington Post UK
Rupert Parker post articles about food and travel on Huffington Post UK
•  3.2 million users per month

Savoir There
Savoir There features stylish, boutique-focused travel.

Senior Cruise & Travelers Magazine
Senior Cruise And Travelers Magazine provides the best travel news, tips & reviews for the senior traveler.
•  150,000

Sheila O'Connor on Examiner.com
Launched in 2008, Examiner.com is a dynamic entertainment, news and lifestyle network that serves more than 20 million monthly readers across the U.S. and around the world.

Simply Real Moms
Simply Real Moms is a parenting and lifestyle online magazine. Featured topics include travel, automotive reviews, tech and parenting.
•  95,000 UV monthly

six out of ten magazine
six out of ten magazine is a travel and lifestyle magazine with a little food, drink and beauty thrown in. We're all about having fun, wherever that is.
•  12,000 unique visits per month

SixtyPlusSurfers is an online magazine for the over 60s with social networking and articles by experts on travel, health and body maintenance etc.
•  60,000+ members

Slow Travel Berlin
Slow Travel Berlin is a non-profit website dedicating to helping visitors experience the best that this city has to offer.

Sneak Peak Tours
Sneak Peak Tours is a travel blog fed daily with tourism news. It is published mainly to social media. Twice a year an electronic e-magazine, presenting picked up tourism destinations from various countries, is sent to tourism professionals only.
•  5,000 clicks per month

Sophie's World
Sophie's World is a blog about the world's curious and often unsung corners. And travel with children. Unusually for a travel blog, the kids share their take on it, as well.

Southwind is a regular feature column covering travel, food tourism, wines, spirits, book reviews, resorts and outdoor adventure in bytheseafuture.org .
•  100,000

Spa TravelGal experiences are not a luxury, but essential to a healthy body and mind.
•  20,000 month plus

Spa Wellbeing
Spa Wellbeing is an online travel and lifestyle magazine focusing on spas and wellbeing with news, reviews and features from contributors around the world.

STAR Service Online
STAR Service Online is the leading provider of expert hotel information and editorial commentary covering some 10,000 hotels worldwide.

Start Backpacking
Startbackpacking.com offers advice and a community for people interested in long-term world travel including guides, articles, tips, and forums and help get backpackers on the road to big life adventures.
•  1200 to 3000 unique views per day

stylenowme.blog is a style blog with a lifestyle component featuring travel.

Suitcase Stories
Suitcase Stories is a luxury travel blog for those who prefer the finer things in life.
•  58,000 unique hits a month

Suite 101 is a global web magazine where Rupert Parker has a channel called Planet Appetite.
•  500,000 users per month

Surf and Sunshine
In Surf and Sunshine, Jeana Shandraw writes about travel, gadgets, tech, entertainment and weddings.
•  60,000 unique visitors per month

Sweet Leisure
Sweet Leisure features the best places in the world to visit and adds some spectacular recipes - all to the benefit of travelers and foodies wanting to enhance the good life.

Taksidi 2 Greece e-magazine
Taksidi2Greece presents, with pictures and short texts, Greek tourism destinations with readers from USA, Europe and Australia and every 3 months an electronic e-magazine is sent to more than 5.000 recipients.
•  10,000 clicks per month

Tales and Travel
Tales and Travel is a blog focusing on travel, food, wine, adventure and fun - with tasty recipes.
•  Leah Larkin at leah@leahlarkin.com

Time Spent at Sea
In Time Spent at Sea, writer and photographer Steve Newman's blog dedicated to offers/new cruises from cruise companies
•  15,000 per month

TourAbsurd.com is a blog filled with travel and expatriate stories, many photos, and lots of silliness. There is the occasional serious subject, but the tagline is, Traveling with a light heart!
www.TourAbsurd.com and www.AbsurdReviews.com

Tourism Insider
Tourism Insider is the largest German, Chinese and English speaking online-magazine for tourism executives.
•  75.420 hits per week

Transitory Traveller
Transitory Traveller - feeling the magic while feeding the wanderlust has regular postings about Rob's global travels focusing on people, places, culture and cuisine
www.robwoodburn.blogspot.com.au and www.robwoodburn.wordpress.com/

Travel42 provides clients with customized, specific reports for more than 5,700 destinations, 10,000 hotels and 300 cruise ships.

Travelbites Radio
Travelbites Radio is a weekly travel radio show and podcast with a worldwide audience.

Traveler-in-Long-Island on Examiner.com
In Traveler-in-Long-Island, Karen Rubin produces features on experiences in the New York region
•  60,000
www.examiner.com/eclectic-traveler-in-long-island/karen- rubin

Travel Guide to Florida
The annual Travel Guide to Florida covers all the bases of what to see and do across the state of Florida and is the most in-depth travel guide available.
•  60,000

Travelhoppers provides more than 3000 travel brochures, travel suppliers and travel specials.

Travel Photo Discover
Travel Photo Discovery is a destination travel and photography site that shares adventure, travel and photography tips and luxurious experiences from around the world.
•  9,000 page views monthly

The Travelers Way
The Travelers Way provides travel inspiration and information for affluent Baby Boomer travelers interested in value luxury experiences.
•  20,000/mo

Traveling with MJ
Traveling with MJ provides practical tips for practical travelers who want to enjoy luxury destinations and experiences on a real person's budget.
•  25,000/mo

The Travelling Eye
The Travelling Eye is a weekly travel show on Sirius/XM and travel website.
•  100,000+

The Travelling Adventurer Magazine
The Travelling Adventurer Magazine, based in Knoxville, TN covers all aspects of travel, including interesting and fun locales, nationally and internationally.
•  180,000 readers per month

The Travel Magazine
The Travel Magazine is an online travel magazine for people who love travel

Travel on the Level
Travel on the Level is a website and the blog, are for those who prefer traveling with less strenuous walking and fewer stairs.
•  5,500 to 7,500 a month
www.travelonthelevel.com and www.travelonthelevel.blogspot.com

Travel to Wellness
Travel to Wellness is an online resource and digital/print magazine that caters to the wellness-minded and those who want to be. The print/digital version is distributed twice a year to 40,000 primarily in Canada.
•  14,000 a month to the site, a newsletter database of 13,000 plus subscribers, and a social media network of about 12,000.

Travels with Baggage
Travels with Baggage is a travel and lifestyles blog geared towards women and families with a family travel piece in the Calgary Herald.

Travels with Carole
Travels with Carole is a blog written by travel writer Carole Terwilliger Meyers.
•  9,000 readers

Travel with Marilyn
Travel with Marilyn is a combination of published clips and blogs highlighting domestic and international travel
•  100 a day

Travel With Bender
Travel With Bender is a family of 4 that left Australia May 2012 and have been on an open-ended, unplanned, round-the-world trip ever since, discovering amazing places for families.
•  60,000 monthly page views.

Travel Writers Magazine
Travel Writers Magazine features a wide range of destinations, travel experiences, from hotel & resort reviews, to adventure travel and ecotourism

Tripwich Magazine
Tripwich is an online magazine devoted to those demand an element of fun in their travels

Urban Expressions (Montreal Gazette)
Urban Expressions is a local reflection of Montreal's unique joie-de-vivre, which is focused on style, food & leisure and caters to women who are enthusiastic about life and indulge in their city.

Vagabonding Life
Greg Rodgers escaped Corporate America in 2005 and has been chronicling what a full-time life on the road really entails via VagabondingLife.com, a blog about exchanging the conventional life for a life of perpetual travel..
•  1500 to 10,000 views per day

A blog by Victor Englebert about his travel and documentary photography, with articles about the tribes he photographs and his experiences living among them.

Virtually Yours
Kelly Stilwell is the content creator at Virtually Yours, a blog focusing on travel, entertainment, and family life.
•  47,000+

The Wandering Eater
The Wandering Eater is a food, wine and spirits blog based in New York City that travels in the name of good food and understanding and exploring unknown cultures from it.

Wandering Italy
Wandering Italy is James Martin's personal travel guide and journal of life in Italy.
•  10-15000 unique visitors a month

Wicked Good Travel Tips
Wicked Good Travel Tips is an online travel magazine that shares news of the latest trends in travel, fun and imaginative trip ideas, money saving travel opportunities and travel tips your best friend would be likely to share after returning from a trip.
•  10-20,000 unique visitors per month

Wines Down South
Wines Down South showcases, by essay and image, attractions, events and destinations in the American South.
•  10,000

words.ie has travel features / hotel & restaurant reviews

Working Dog Books
Working Dog Books contains information on how to travel to major working dog events.
•  3,000 per month

A World to Travel
A World to Travel, which has a tagline of never ending wanderlust, has a travel writing team producing the finest travel features and images.

World Wandering Kiwi
World Wandering Kiwi is travel writer Natasha von Geldern's personal travel blog covering nearly 50 countries and sharing her passion for making the pages of the atlas real.
•  23,000 monthly page views

Yahoo Total Travel
Yahoo Total Travel is Yahoo's Australia travel guide covering accommodation and attractions with photos, maps, transport and more.
•  Yahoo Total Travel has 41million page views per month.

YoGoYo.com is a travel journal about various destinations around the world all written in first person only.
•  60,000 unique page views every month.

Your holiday TV
Your Holiday TV is an online travel channel with great written reviews, super photos and professional filming to highlight a destination or resort.

The International Travel Writers Alliance is the world's largest association of professional travel writers, editors, broadcasters and photographers.
www.itwalliance.com , Ashley Gibbins FCIPR, MCIOJ, Chief Executive, Ashley@itwalliance.com

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