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Killarney Lodge - Algonquin's Jewel

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Killarney Lodge From The Lake

The sun slowly rises behind a dappled cloud horizon and casts a series of golden bands across the dawn sky. Tiny ripples on the lake's surface break reflections into shimmering golden waves. The rising lake mists create pale white streamers that mask the dark wooded shore. What a glorious start to an Algonquin Park fall morning. I stand at the shoreline of Lake of Two Rivers, in front of a log cabin at Killarney Lodge.
     Situated on a wooded peninsula that juts into Lake of Two Rivers, Killarney Lodge is centrally located within Algonquin Park's Highway 60 corridor. The Lodge consists of a collection of over 30 pine paneled one, two, and duplex log cabins, a three-bedroom cabin as well as a central log building dining room and a separate guest lounge building.
     The one-bedroom cabins provide a bedsitting room and full bath; king or queen-size beds accommodating up to 3 adults and 2 young children. The two-bedroom cabins provide a bedsitting room and a second bedroom, king and queen beds, and full bath accommodating 4 - 5 adults or a family.
     Started in 1935, current owners, Eric and Poppy, have managed the Lodge since 1984. The peninsula setting allows each cabin to be located on the lake's shoreline, offering all guests waterfront views from their own deck, and each cabin has its own canoe for guest use.

Cabin - Killarney Lodge   Dining Room - Killarney Lodge   Flowers   Killarney Lodge Sunrise    Killarney Lodge Entrance

     One of Killarney Lodge's greatest features is the fantastic meals for guests in the log-walled dining room. All meals are included, and the dress is "smart casual". A visiting chef described the menus as "a fusion of country cooking and culinary finesse." Guests can choose from at least four main entrees for each meal from a daily changing menu.
     For breakfast I couldn't resist the apple-stuffed French toast topped with maple syrup, while for dinner I chose rack of lamb the first night, and a melt-in-your-mouth prime rib the second night. I was to learn later from Eric that the prime rib has been a lodge specialty for decades. For lunch, guests eat at the lodge or obtain box lunches if they wish to explore the Park for the day.
     By mid-afternoon there is only a slight ripple on the lake, so my wife and I decide to go canoeing. We paddle around the peninsula to the beach, then head west across the bay. Sighting a loon, we stop to watch it, and amazingly, the loon decides to head directly for our canoe, diving only to surface closer each time. As it emerges from the depths mere feet from our canoe, I realize it is a young loon from its grey head colouring. It must have been intrigued by our canoe, as it dives and swims directly under it three times, surfacing only a few feet away from us each time that it emerges. Finally, it loses interest and swims slowly away. While within camera distance of loons before, I have never had a loon navigate this close to me in a canoe, let alone dive back and forth underneath my canoe.

Killarney Lodge Map   Alcove   Killarney Lodge   Young Loon

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Gene Chambers

Gene Chambers is an author of three secondary school textbooks on computer studies in data processing, and a travel writer.

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