Airport Security

Gone are the days when armed security personnel were invisible to the public but you can make some basic preparations before arrival such that you move more efficiently through the security measures.
  • Some clothing and accessories set off metal detector alarms so avoid clothing, jewelry and accessories containing metal. pins, necklaces, bracelets, some rings, watches, earrings, body piercing, cuff links, lanyards, etc. slow one down as will metallic buttons, snaps or studs and hair barrettes. The same for heavy-duty belt buckles and under-wire bras. Gel-filled bras are permitted through security screening and aboard aircraft. If you insist on heavy jewelry, place it and other metal items in your carry-on baggage or in plastic bags if offered to clear security.

  • Metal items: keys, pocket change, mobile phones, pagers, and personal data assistants (PDA's) should be placed in a plastic bin sent through the X-ray machine.

  • Pack coats and jackets in your baggage if possible as they must be x-rayed.

  • If you set off the alarm, additional screening including a hand-wand and pat-down inspection follows. Those with metallic medical implants should have a form signed by the doctor.

  • Keep boarding pass and government-issued photo ID available until leaving the security checkpoint. Boarding passes are obtained at the airline's ticket counter, curbside check-in, the airline's self-service ticket kiosk or printed from the airline's website.

  • Be prepared to remove shoes if asked.

  • A de-cluttered carry-on bag, allows clear X-ray images.

  • If possible, keep liquids in checked baggage, but be careful that they are wrapped not to break as there is nothing worse than a broken bottle of red wine!

  • Items purchased in the secure boarding area are for use on the immediate flight. There is a ban on liquids, aerosols and gels, "prohibited items" that cannot be brought to a checkpoint, into the secure area or aboard the aircraft.
Remember, be courteous. Security measures exist for your safety and that of other passengers.

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