Laptop Computers

  • Adaptor Plug Sets: Don't forget that many countries will require that you plug in an electrical adapter. These are inexpensive, but do not forget to disconnect your adaptor before you leave. Perhaps a post-it note on your laptop cover or a dab of colour ink on the adaptor might help.

  • X-ray Machines at airports are not a threat to your laptop's hard-drive or disks. However, the checkpoint conveyer belt is a definite target for thieves. Keep alert and consider disguising your computer by placing it in a less conspicuous type of bag.

  • Acoustic Couplers allow one to connect a modem to a telephone to send and receive faxes, transmit data, check email, or access on-line services with your portable or notebook computer. Acoustic couplers can interface with telephone systems when no direct connection is available as with payphones and hard-wired phones. Acoustic couplers usually attach to the handset of a phone using suction cups and Velcro straps and are plugged into the LINE jack of the modem. A good coupler has a signal level switch allowing adjustment of signal levels.

  • Offline Web Browser: If taking your laptop, download offline web browser shareware from An appropriate site. With an offline web browser, you can download hundreds of web pages of travel information to your laptop for access while traveling, without having to dial up and connect to the internet.

  • Airport Security Checks: Use the Windows "suspend" mode as an alternative to ensuring battery power for boot up. Activate the last time you use your laptop before going to the airport. It will restart quickly, consuming minimal power, leaving the maximum battery charge for work during the flight. Mac users: employ the "sleep" mode. At airport security, you may be asked to turn on your laptop. Be ready to avoid delays.

  • Hotel Room Security: If anxious, a set of cables similar to what you employ with your bicycle may be affixed to a computer.

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