Electronic Devices

According to Travel Weekly, "The Association of Corporate Travel Executives has issued recommendations on precautions travelers should take when traveling internationally with electronic devices that may be subject to seizure or review by border agents.

They are as follows:
  • Carry a laptop or electronic device you can afford to lose.

  • Carry only limited or no proprietary business information or personnel records regarding your employer, and/or employees.

  • Limit your personal information on any computer used for travel:
          -  No personal banking information
          -  No personal photographs that you wouldn't want made public
          -  No personal correspondence that you wouldn't want made public
          -  No personal health information
          -  No password information of any kind

  • E-mail sensitive data ahead of time (before crossing a border) so it is not lost if the computer is seized.

  • Ask for a receipt and a badge number of the individual who is taking your laptop or electronic device if your equipment is seized.

  • Cooperate with Customs and Border Protection officers.

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