Financial Safety: 5 Simple Steps (Visa)

Alert your financial institution - If you are going to leave the province/country during your vacation, contact your financial institution to let them know that you plan to use your payment cards, such as a credit card, in a different location. Out of the ordinary shopping patterns may trigger a fraud alert.

Know your Personal Identification Number (PIN) - Canada, as well as many countries around the world, has migrated to chip and PIN technology. If your credit card is enabled with chip and PIN, select an easy to remember, but difficult to guess password that does not include predictable numbers like your birth date or telephone number. Never share your PIN with anyone.

Record your own information - It's a good idea to keep a secure, secondary record of your key ID documents and payment card numbers with you when you travel. In the event of a lost or stolen wallet, you will have the numbers of your cards, passport and other ID, which makes reporting the missing documents quicker and easier.

Review insurances available on your payment card - Different cards come with different levels of insurance coverage for travellers, such as lost baggage or car rental insurance. Review your cardholder agreement to determine what is covered.

Take advantage of travel perks - Interested in receiving valuable coupons for use at vacation spot retailers? You can save money when you pay with your Visa card at participating shops, restaurants, attractions and more. Visit to view offers.

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