Global Village Lesson Plan for Teachers

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Now that we live in a global village, it's important to expose students to diverse regions. Teachers of geography, marketing, politics, English, economics and history may use the following as a template and adjust it according to their needs. This also makes for an excellent library skills assignment.
  1. Have students read one or more articles on

    The theme of any writing should be apparent and indicate primarily what the article is about. What is the theme of this article?

  2. A famous sage once said that pictures were worth a thousand words. Examine the pictures associated with this article. Describe five pictures and explain why you think each is or is not effective.

  3. Draw or find a world map, label it as desired and locate the destination described in this article.

  4. How far is it from...?

  5. What is the temperature there in the month of...?

  6. What health precautions are suggested?

  7. What airline would you take? Provide details of leaving, arrival and cost.

  8. What currency would you use and if appropriate, what is the rate of exchange with your currency?

  9. How would you budget for a one week stay? List expenses.

  10. What is the web address of their embassy in your country?

  11. When are the major holidays?

  12. What are four facts that the author states concerning the destination?

  13. What special food do you expect to eat there?

  14. What language do the people speak?

  15. Who is the country leader and what political system is employed?

  16. Would you travel there? Why or why not?

  17. What's the size in population?

  18. What countries are on the borders?

  19. What are the major resources in this destination?

  20. What's the life expectancy in this country?

  21. What are the predominant religions in this country and their percentages?

  22. Who were the earliest settlers?

  23. Name one important musician, writer and artist.

  24. What is the type of economy: agricultural, industrial, diversified, other

  25. What is the average income?

  26. Who are this country's political allies?

  27. Enemies?

  28. In what UN bloc: Western, Communist, African, Arab, Asian, Latin America, Non- aligned?

  29. Member of which international organizations: UN, NATO, EEC, OAS, OAU, SEATO, ASEAN, GATT, Warsaw Pact, others?

  30. What is the country's motto?

  31. Draw the flag and explain its symbols.

  32. What's the capital city?

  33. What's the national game or sport?

  34. What is happening in this destination during ...? (Hint: see tips section)

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