Better Travel Photos

The top 10 tips for taking better vacation photos, from members of the Society of American Travel Writers:

  1. Shoot photos early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

  2. Move in close to your subject for impact.

  3. Don't shoot every photo at eye level.

  4. Pay attention to details and distractions in the back of the photo.

  5. Shoot lots of photos, and edit and erase later.

  6. Always show a sense of place as to where you are.

  7. Shoot important subjects from several different angles and vantage points and with different lenses and exposures.

  8. Wait before you click to avoid distractions or to add an important element to your photo.

  9. Put local people in your photos. Ask permission first.

  10. Use fill-flash, even when outdoors, to "fill in" shadows.

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