Travel Apps

  • Angry Birds ($.99): What better way to pass some time on a plane or before drifting off to sleep in your swanky hotel room than with Angry Birds? This wildly addicting game is the perfect travel companion, just make sure you don't get too caught up in your game!

  • LiveProfile (FREE, available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices): Keeping in touch with friends when you're traveling isn't always easy, especially if you're going overseas, but LiveProfile makes staying connected simple...and free. A free mobile messenger application that connects Blackberry, Android and iPhone users LiveProfile allows users to communicate with lightning-fast message delivery and reliability. Unlike text messaging, LiveProfile displays when messages are delivered, read, and even when the recipient is typing a response, making it feel closer to a live conversation. You can even share photos, add smileys and update you status over Facebook and Twitter with the simple touch of the screen.

  • TripAdvisor (free): Ever get to your hotel and realize it's nothing like what you thought? Get out of there and find a better stay for the night with the simple touch of the TripAdvisor App. It will give you reviews of the best hotels, restaurants and more in whatever city you're in. Users can even find cheap flights, take a virtual street-level tour of their destination and upload their own reviews immediately!

  • mTrip Travel Guides ($5.99): Plan a specific itinerary for your chosen city. If you need help getting around this App will locate you and show you the most optimal routes, offline, to travel to your destination by foot or even subway. You can even snap photos and send postcards via Facebook and email when you're inside the App.

  • OpenTable (free): Make restaurant reservations (at more than 13,000 restaurants in U.S., Canada and abroad) in no time with OpenTable's essentially a miniaturized version of its online services. That's not a criticism, of course. You can also read diner reviews and view menus, both especially valuable when traveling.

  • PartSelect While it's still a good idea to earmark trusty travel guidebooks and pack foldable paper maps when traveling, technology has come a long way toward eliminating the need for them. Today, vacationers have a wide array of travel apps at their disposal, the best of which can help you get stellar deals on your flight and hotels, help you exchange currency at the optimum rate, and even help you speak the language in foreign countries.

  • USA Today AutoPilot (free): AutoPilot lets you store all the information for your trips-flight, hotel, or car reservations and gives you updates on flight status and weather for your destination. You can even store confirmation numbers for your reservations. It's the perfect App for business travelers that are always traveling some place new.

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