Lost Wallets

  • Photocopy every piece of paper in your wallet or purse - credit cards and licenses. If you lose your wallet or purse, you now have a record what was in there and know what needs to be replaced. If you keep a few cheques in there, make sure you note the numbers. Make a note on your calendar or computer to renew this photocopy process next year.

  • Leave your Social Insurance or SIN card and birth certificate at home.

  • Notify the two credit checking agencies, Equifax and Trans Union, to red flag your credit record.
   If you do lose your wallet:
  1. Call your charge card companies and notify them of the number of your account.

  2. Go to nearest police station and report a theft. Carry a list of all of the cards and numbers of contents that might go missing.

  3. Call Equifax 514.493.2314 and Trans Union 877.713.3393 to red flag your credit rating.



  4. Call: 514.283.2152 (passports); 514.496.1010 (immigration, visa, citizenship cards), 800.622.6232 (old age identity card).

    http://www.cic.gc.ca ,  www.canada.gc.ca

  5. If you lose your bank book or blank cheques, change the numbers of your checking accounts; don't merely stop the missing cheques. Replace your convenience card and debit card and make sure to change your PIN number if you wrote it anywhere amongst the lost papers.

  6. Notify direct deposit or withdrawal companies that access your account to give them the new numbers.

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