Wine: luggage & transportation options

The advent of liquid carry-on restrictions has added a wrinkle to those who fly while transporting everything from shampoo to wine. Unfortunately, I have had a wine bottle (red), wrapped in clothes break inside my luggage bag. Here are some options:
  • 1. Pack it, check it or ship it.

  • 2. Children's "swimmies" (water wings) offer protection or pack bubble wrap and take along large zip lock bags in case something breaks. Glad Press N Seal is also recommended.

  • 3. Most wineries offer shipping options.

  • 4. If you use a local UPS mailing store, be aware that UPS and Federal Express will not knowingly ship wine. Wineries have contracts with a 3rd party company to handle shipments. For example, California wineries cannot ship their own product to you; it must be done through a 3rd party company.

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