"Have they gone mad?" was the gist of their family's and friend's reaction when Irene and Rick Butler retired in their early 50's, put all their belongings in storage, and purchased One-World tickets to circumnavigate the globe. The wonders and marvels, the favourable experiences and blunders, the budgeting and splurging, the ups and downs of this journey that swept them through twelve countries in twelve months are all here in Trekking the Globe (on Kindle).

This transitional year set Irene & Rick on a new path in life and brought out a gypsy-propensity; as when in one place for too long they are gripped by an overwhelming urge to see yet another part of the world...and have visited 110 countries on six continents to date.

For six or more months of every year they seek out the essence of cultures, the historic and archeological sites, and geographical phenomena that showcase each country. Check out Globaltrekkers ( to see what Irene and Rick have been up to.

Irene's stories and Rick's photography have appeared in national and international publications. You can contact them at

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