Ultra Fast-dry Towel

It comes in a variety of sizes: Extra Small (13" x 10"): $12.95 CAD; Small (16" x 28"): $19.95 CAD; Medium (34" x 28"): $24.95 CAD; and Large (34" x 58"): $34.95 CAD all in myriad, vibrant colours

I tried the large variety. It was excellent, and could be applied to many uses, the 97% UV protection a big bonus these days of diminished ozone for keeping sun-safe while boating or any other activities that keep one outdoors.

What impressed me most was its portability because, as a travel writer, I am often on the road. Thin and lightweight, it's a handy travel towel that folds easily inside my luggage and, I must add, makes a wonderful in-flight blanket, much better quality than those that you get on airlines.

This towel would have been ideal during my camping and backpacking days. I highly recommend it. And yes, it dries quickly! Website: Discovery Trekking Outfitters

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