Personalogy is a game that comes in two editions, one is for adults and the other for family. Each game consists of over 100 topical and intriguing questions with multiple-choice answers. Players are challenged to guess what answer their opponent will most likely select and why. Questions cover everything from lifestyle, pop culture, psychobabble, to sports and dating.

I tried both games with a group that had gathered at my home for a meal, and we enjoyed the samples. Here are a few that we used:

What would be the best animal mashup and why?
a) Pig & Giraffe
b) Zebra & Bear
c) Lion & Monkey
d) Cat & Rhinoceros
e) Polar bear & Tiger

What secret power would I like to have and why?
a) X-ray eyes
b) Super strength
c) Stretch my body around corners
d) Shrink myself
e) Walk through walls

If I could name the next James Bond movie which of these would it be called and why?
a) Dare to Live
b) Moonlight Kill
c) Lightning Strikes Once
d) Die Again
e) Platinum Blonde

Which humanitarian below inspires me most and why?
a) Bono - Make Poverty History
b) Bill Gates - Gates Foundation
c) Angelina Jolie - UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador
b) Ben Keesey - CEO of Invisible Children

The game was developed by two - Michelle Burke & Lilamani de Silva - who designed it "to dramatically increase the speed at how well people get to know each other." The two traveled across Europe and the United States beta testing the game by playing with people they met on trains and planes, in restaurants and bars, even in line waiting for some event to begin. They claim it broke down barriers and that Personalogy allows people to really connect in a fun way. "People want to feel connected. We want to feel like we matter to one another," says Burke.

"The goal", they say, "is to spark off fantastic conversations where people happily reveal more about themselves and learn more about other people, than anyone could ever imagine."

Personalogy, Original Party Edition & Family Fun Edition list for $20, small enough to fit in your purse, backpack, glove box, or pocket. They can be played with points for competitive players, or as a fun and easy conversation starter. However you like to play, they will trigger exciting, fun and animated conversations that provide instant connection to family, friends, co-workers or even love interests you want to get to know better. Moms love them for car rides and long lines at amusement parks. Available on Amazon. For more information visit

The new Personalogy Dating Game and Sports editions are coming soon.

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