QuiltedAir Luxury Bath Pillow

Sometimes you just want to climb into a hot soapy bath and relax, but you can't because your head does not feel comfortable resting against the hard tub. Enter Bath Haven with just the right product to deal with those nasty tubs that cut your relaxation time short. My spouse loves the spa pillow that provides comfort and support for your head, neck and shoulders, so that you can bath in bliss for as long as she wants.

A QuiltedAir Bath Pillow creates a soft cushion of air between her and the tub. The pillow is designed with QuiltedAirҁ 3D Mesh with extra strength suction cups, so it stays in place, and the material makes cleaning the device a breeze.

Six strong suction cups hold the pillow in place and a convenient zipper travel bag is included. If looking for a unique gift that provides the ultimate in relaxation, try this bath pillow.

QuiltedAir Luxury Bath Pillow - ($23.95); Website: https://www.bathhaven.com/

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