ShaveTech USB Travel Razor

For anyone like me who likes to pack light when they travel, the USB-powered ShaveTech electric travel razor, the size of a Smartphone, is designed to grant such a wish. I recently tried it on a travel weekend, and was impressed with its effectiveness. The size is a bonus. It fit right into my toiletry bag!

The ShaveTech is recharged via a built-in folding device that plugs into the USB port of a laptop or tablet so it coincides with current digital makeup. Those poor souls without a computer will require an additional $7 USB-to-main adapter plug.

The first charge should be 12 hours, and subsequent recharges, four hours. With that in mind, it worked well, a powerful, easy-to-use grooming tool that hangs in for up to 30 minutes, more than enough time for me to shave for an entire week! (Then, it's time to recharge.)

Lightweight and convenient, it slips easily into carry-on bags, luggage or a briefcase. It's small enough to carry to facilitate a quick groom before a meeting or dinner. Since the shaver charges via USB, it's also wonderful to take on an international trip. (No power converter needed).

The ShaveTech travel razor is available online and in select stores, in black or white, for US$29.99. I highly recommend it.


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