Magic T-Stick by Dr. White

By now, one might think that the electric toothbrush has reduced the old-fashioned static variety to an obsolete role; however, for me, travel has always included the latter because, although I much prefer the electronic version, it's too bulky to accompany me on travel writing trips, primarily because of the mass of the charging stand. Not anymore!

I tried the Dr. White Magic T-Stick, the newest portable electric toothbrush which produces an amazing 22,000 strokes per minute of sonic frequency versus the traditional manual 300 strokes per minute. I was surprised by its much smaller size and yet its efficiency, and it easily fit into my toiletry kit.

The makers of Magic T-Stick claim that the device self-sanitizes with a UV sanitizing light after each brushing, thereby killing 99.9% of the bacteria on a toothbrush after a cleaning. That's rather neat. This device features two columns, one housing the brush, the other housing its power supply, 3 AAA batteries. I tried the DuPont bristle on my gums as well as teeth, and found it gentle, despite the high sonic frequency.

Ultimately, what you have here is a portable, slim waterproof toothbrush, ideal for those of us who travel. The manufacturers claim that the device is a "powerful plaque remover," so I will have to wait for my next session at the dentist's office to check that out. At $49.99, this attractive device is well worth a purchase. You might be surprised at first in that it resembles a child's toothbrush, but its size allows it to move into corners, and because it doesn't rotate, the vibrations quickly pulverize the toothpaste into a foam which makes brushing more efficient.

Bottom line - my teeth felt cleaner than when I use a regular toothbrush, and I like the size and sanitary attributes of this device because toiletry kits get full of myriad items and often leave a mess.

Magic T-Stick by Dr. White comes in several colors and designs, and a replacement brush head is included.

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