PortoVino Purse Canvas

If you like visiting the beach like I do, this is the perfect tote bag with room enough for a paperback to throw inside to read while you casually sip wine and enjoy the scenery. A fashion accessory that carries and pours up to 2 full bottles of wine (or 1.5L of your favorite beverage)! Neat. What I find appealing is how subtle the operation is and actually, one might use this tote bag to take to any party, event, dinner or outing.

The durable cotton-canvas material is made of excellent quality and the hidden reservoir pocket means that no one is aware that your favorite beverage is inside. The hidden pocket is insulated, which keeps one's drink cool for hours. The designer flap on the backside means the spout of this wine purse is always concealed but is easily accessible when ready for a drink. The Party pouch is durable and resilient and can be used over and over, but they recommend a change after each use.

This would make a wonderful gift for a friend who likes to drink wine.

PortoVino Purse Canvas - ($39.95); Website: https://porto-vino.com/

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