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  • Stag and Doe - The Showboat Theatre

    With a talented cast and a hilarious yet sardonic examination of pre-nuptial affairs, director Liza Balkan takes us on a merry romp written by Mark Crawford, his version of a small town, rural Stag and Doe in which "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry."
    Bonnie (Katie Lawson) and Brad (Craig Pike) are setting up for their fundraiser at the 4H Hall, and on the same day, Mandy (Ferelith Young) and Rob (Andrew Fleming) are being wed, but a storm blows the wedding tent far away into a farmer's manure pile, so the 4H Hall becomes a prized venue (Bill Chesney's set, perfect for the behind-the-wedding-scene's action.) over which the two couples threaten various legal initiatives to gain exclusive access for the evening. Meanwhile, Dee (Lisa Norton), Bonnie's maid-of-honour and best friend (formerly left at the altar by Rob) and Jay (Iain Stewart), the caterer/cook arrive to discover that Jay's staff is in jail for reckless driving and substance abuse. It's a recipe for disaster and hilarious comedy and a brief look at the outlandish finances behind weddings that ultimately force Lawson and Pike to re-examine...

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  • Pygmalion - Shaw Festival

    Elocution, elocution, elocution!
    With Shaw's creative director Peter Hinton at the helm, you know that you will see something unique and well-researched. And after his brilliant interpretations of decadent Cabaret and insolent Lady Windermere's Fan, this season he zeroes in on the inequity of modern day wealth, not just class, with a gritty contemporary rendering of Pygmalion. Hinton offers current views of class and even race amidst the gargantuan economic divide that exists between the 1% who own most of the world and the rest of us poor souls.
    The story remains the same, an unlikely pairing of lower class Eliza, a flower girl with dark Asian skin, who dreams of moving up in the world and linguistics professor, Henry Higgins, a world expert on speech, who records her horrific accent and afterwards accepts a bet by his friend and fellow linguist, Colonel...

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  • Corpse - Showboat Festival Theatre

    Excellent dramatic and comic sleight of hand in a murder mystery
    I recently took in Corpse at Port Colborne's Showboat Festival Theatre, great summer theatre with an impressive performance by Bruce Davies (see below) and a more than capable supporting cast which included Jonathan Ellul, Melanie Janzen and Phil McLaren. Congratulations to all for keeping this worthwhile, accessible theatre in Niagara.
    The play is billed as Sleuth mixed with Deathtrap and farce, and it delivers unpredictable turns to the very end. Set in London in 1936, it tells the story of twin brothers, one of whom plots to murder the other in novel fashion. Evelyn, an unemployed actor, with theatrical flair and a penchant for dressing in myriad exotic costumes, including those of a lady, employs "Major" Powell, burdened with...

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  • Top Girls by Caryl Churchill

    Sweet Dreams Are Not Made Of This
    When moving to Niagara from Oakville in the 70s to teach in a local high school along with my equally qualified wife, in the staff room there was open speculation by a few Neanderthals ? whether it was appropriate that we both teach, and why should my wife take a good job from a man? Sadly, the church that I belonged to then also preferred her to be barefoot and pregnant, cooking in the kitchen. Caryl Churchill's play, Top Girls, examines the weighty issue of women in the workplace not long after our experience ? circa1982 when Maggie Thatcher, "The Iron Lady" was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990.
    Top Girls is an opportunity for Artistic Director, Jackie Maxwell, to strut the collective clout of her wonderfully adept female cast, and Julia Course, Tara Rosling, Claire Jullien, Fiona Byrne, Catherine McGregor, Laurie Paton and Tess Benger are more than up to the task, most playing multiple roles.
    The opening restaurant scene, a surreal celebration of Marlene's (Fiona Byrne) promotion is worthy of a Salvador Dali painting, each invited female icon, real or imaginary, obsessed with her own success...

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  • The Twelve-Pound Look - Court House Theatre

    The typewriter, an instrument of liberation?
    J. M. Barrie's Twelve-Pound Look is a brief, 35-minute vignette or character sketch of British male-female relations in the early1900s, appropriately produced by Shaw at the Court House Theatre, in its last season in Niagara on the Lake. The male dominance that is skewered by Barrie seems to be in its last season also as the play opens with Harry Sims (Patrick Galligan) and his wife, Lady Sims (Kate Besworth) rehearsing Harry's upcoming ceremonial knighthood.
    Galligan is superb as Harry, a classic old order male dinosaur who is obsessed about appearance to the extent that both he and his wife practise repeatedly in their muscularly furnished home, featuring manly busts and black leather couches - thanks to designer William Schmuck. Everything must look just so, particularly the...

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  • The Lady From The Sea - Court House Theatre

    Between a rock and a hard place?
    Ibsen's New Woman pushed the limits society imposed on women, preceding the notion of 1960s feminists. Gail Finney describes this woman as someone who "typically values self-fulfillment and independence rather than the stereotypically feminine ideal of self-sacrifice; believes in legal and sexual equality; often remains single because of the difficulty of combining such equality with marriage; is more open about her sexuality than the 'Old Woman'; is well-educated and reads a great deal; has a job; is athletic or otherwise physically vigorous and, accordingly, prefers comfortable clothes (sometimes male attire) to traditional female garb."
    In Ibsen's notes for A Doll's House, he asserts, "A woman cannot be herself in contemporary society, it is an exclusively male society with laws drafted by men, and with counsel and judges who judge feminine conduct from the male point of view."

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  • Peter and the Starcatcher - Royal George Theatre

    I don't ever want to grow up!
    Kate Besworth in Peter and the Starcatcher Fascinating, brilliant, exhilarating - on but rare occasions is one fortunate to be part of an audience that delights and emotes with a marvelous cast. We magically fuse within the narrative, each reveling in powerful and joyous synergy. And at the end, one immediately jumps up from one's seat and heartily applauds the unique experience. Such is the case with Peter and the Starcatcher, directed by Jackie Maxwell at the Royal George Theatre. It is superb, must-see viewing at the Shaw Festival this season, a show for all ages especially those who refuse to grow up!
    Yes, it's the prequel to Peter Pan and as Maxwell suggests, the Festival 'takes you on a journey...

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  • Sweet Charity - Festival Theatre

    On a sunny yet crisp Saturday afternoon in Niagara on the Lake, the Shaw Festival's Sweet Charity and its energetic star, Julie Martell, (Charity Hope Valentine), who belts out six songs, earned a standing ovation from the appreciative audience. Martell is centre stage in the program and exudes energy throughout the entire musical.
    Long-legged Melanie Phillipson (Helene) and similarly-endowed Kimberley Rampersad (Nickie) frame the diminutive Martell for many song and dance numbers choreographed by Parker Esse, and Musical Director Paul Sportelli's excellent orchestra provides the musical get-up-and-go. Big Spender in Act One and The Rhythm of Life in Act Two keep us bouncing in our seats and Jeremy Carver-James as Daddy Brubeck in the latter tune is a wonderful mix of Rev. Jim Jones and Jimi Hendrix, the ensemble dressed in Charlotte Dean's eclectic hippie attire.
    Kyle Blair's anxiety-prone Oscar Lindquist as Martell's would-be beau is remarkable - both stuck in an elevator and on a Coney Island ride frozen high up in the air. The sudden dénouement involving the two drew audible gasps from the crowd...

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  • You Never Can Tell - Royal George Theatre

    Shaw has opened its 54th season with the 1897 comedy, You Never Can Tell, its seventh production in Festival history. Directed by veteran Jim Mezon, it begins tellingly in a dentist's seaside office with Gray Powell (Valentine) pulling his first commercial tooth. For an extra five shillings, he employs gas on Patrick McManus (Fergus Crampton). Then, alas, the gas is turned on us, the audience.
    After 18 years in Madeira, the Clandons - Tara Rosling (Mrs. Clandon), and her adult children, bizarre twins, Stephen Jackman-Torkoff (Philip Clandon) and Jennifer Dzialoszynski (Dolly Clandon) along with sallow-faced Julia Course (Gloria Clandon) return to England, holidaying serendipitously at the same seaside, wonderfully designed by Leslie Frankish, replete with nifty props.
    Rosling is author of progressive parenting pamphlets, yet neglects to tell her three children who...

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  • Amazing Niagara Falls State Park Facts

    Niagara Falls State Park is the oldest state park in the U.S.A., established in 1885 as the Niagara Reservation, the first of several such reservations that eventually became the cornerstones to the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.
    Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape architect of Niagara Falls State Park, also designed Central Park in New York City.
    In 1969, an earthen dam was built across the head of the American Rapids, dewatering the American Falls. For six months, geologists and engineers studied the rock face and the effects of erosion. It was determined that it would be too costly to remove rock at the...

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  • Fun Facts About Niagara Falls

    The Niagara Falls are located on the border of Ontario, Canada and New York, USA.
    The Niagara Falls are made up of 3 waterfalls, the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls.
    The Horseshoe Falls are the largest and the Bridal Veil Falls the smallest.
    The 3 waterfalls combine to produce the highest flow rate of any waterfall on earth.
    The largest vertical drop is over 165 feet (50 metres).
    The Niagara Falls were created by glacier activity around 10000 years ago.

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  • Shaw and Stratford's 2015 Musicals = money in the bank!

    Ontario's two major theatre companies have geared up this season with new productions and hope to cash in on an influx of American money since our Loonie's fall promises to spark much greater tourism from the U.S. And when it comes to cash flow, Niagara on the Lake's Shaw Festival and the Stratford Festival regularly employ musicals to fill both seats and coffers which, of course, allows the artistic directors to run other productions that might not fare as well at the box office.
    This season, Stratford's Antoni Cimolino offers two musicals by Rodgers and Hammerstein - The Sound of Music and Carousel while Shaw's Jackie Maxwell counters with Sweet Charity, originally conceived, staged and choreographed by Bob Fosse...

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  • Twenty Valley's Get Fresh in the Valley Passport Program

    If winter got you down, pick yourself up with this year's "Get Fresh in the Valley Passport Program" on the weekends of April 11&12, 18&19 and 25&26, 2015 from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
    The wineries of the Niagara's Twenty Valley have joined forces with local executive chefs to craft spring inspired recipes for the Get Fresh in the Valley Spring Cookbook. The cookbook is a special addition to the traditional passport program which invites wine lovers to sip new vintage and aromatic wines paired with spring inspired dishes at 22 wineries spanning from St. Catharines to Beamsville.
    Passport holders will collect a recipe card at each stop along the Get Fresh route to complete...

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  • Buffalo Celebrates Spring & Dyngus Day!

    Spring has arrived in Buffalo Niagara and, along with it, so have buds on the trees, beautiful bulbs and temperatures hovering around 50-perfect light jacket weather for touring the city, visiting the vineyards and grabbing a Beef on Wick to go! For something special, make plans to enjoy the boutiques and artsy vibe of Elmwood Village or the scenic beauty and history of Williamsville. Everything's coming alive, and the best place to be is in Buffalo's great outdoors!
    If you are Polish, be sure to enjoy Buffalo's first spring festival - Dyngus Day! the annual post-Lenten bash, attracts tens of thousands to Buffalo, New York to celebrate spring, show Polish pride, flirt with pussy willows and listen to the best polka bands in the nation. Dyngus Day always falls...

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  • Albright-Knox Art Gallery is free on First Friday

    Picasso. Matisse. Miró. Pollock. Warhol. The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is known to have one of the most intimate, significant and impressive modern and contemporary art collections in the world. And when you've tired of masterworks from the 20th and 21st century (as if that's possible) you'll also find impressionist and post-impressionist works by Gauguin, Cezanne and Van Gogh to soothe your aesthetic soul.

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  • Ice Bikes of Buffalo Kick Into High Gear - Made-in-Buffalo Ice Bicycles Receive National Attention

    This waterfront city already famous for creating chicken wings has a new claim to fame: ice bikes. Ice Bikes of Buffalo have received national attention since their debut on Buffalo's resurgent waterfront in December. The bikes have a stainless steel frame with blades that allow riders to seamlessly glide and steer as they pedal on Buffalo's newest waterfront attraction, the 33,000 square foot Ice @ Canalside, one of the largest outdoor rinks in New York State.
    Inventor Lisa Florczak said she believes she is the first entrepreneur in North America to rent out ice bicycles in a public space. The bikes have been a huge hit, with passengers of all ages, from 8 to over 80, giving them a try.
    The Florczak family owns and operates another rental business, Water Bikes of Buffalo, which allows outdoor recreation enthusiasts to pedal up the Buffalo River and onto...

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  • 30th Annual Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival May 15-21 - Amherst Dipson Theatre, 3500 Main Street, and May 31 - June 7 - JCC Theatre In Getzville, NY

    The 30th annual Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival - the third longest running festival of its kind in North America - will present 18 award winning and critically acclaimed films from around the world including Argentina, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Poland, South Africa, USA and Venezuela.
    Films include:
    RUN BOY RUN - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2glYxp4jw0
    Germany, France / 2014 / 107 minutes / Polish, German, Russian, Yiddish / Director: Pepe Danquart
    A superlative saga of courage and compassion, RUN BOY RUN tells the extraordinary true survival story of a Polish boy who seeks the kindness of others in his solitary struggle to outlast the Nazi occupation and keep alive his Jewish faith. An unforgettable cinematic experience featuring exceptional performances, arresting cinematography and transcendent musical score, RUN BOY RUN is directed by Oscar-winner Pepe Danquart and based on the bestselling Holocaust novel by...

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  • Say Howdy to Fancy Farm Girl

    Sue-Ann Staff's passion for wine has taken her around the globe, yet one truth became evident to her: she loves the farm! The sights, smells, sounds and most importantly, the lifestyle. A fifth generation farmer in the heart of Ontario's Niagara wine country, Sue-Ann has taken her passion for wine and blended it with her passion for the farm in the bottles of Fancy Farm Girl Wines.
    "Fancy Farm Girl is more a state of mind than it is a wine," says Sue-Ann. "Every woman has a bit of a fancy farm girl in her, the girl who rides a Harley, the figure skater who becomes a hockey fan."
    Having some fun with alliteration, Sue-Ann has produced four Fancy Farm Girl wines: Frivolous White, Flamboyant Red, Foxy Rose and Flirty Bubbles...

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  • Snowbird Alert

    In a recent article on CBC News' British Columbia website, it was suggested that Canadian citizens are only allowed to spend 120 days in the US each year. Incorrect! The Canadian Snowbird Association reminds travellers to the US that this information is wrong.
    "Under current policy, eligible Canadian citizens may spend up to six months less a day, in the United States, in any 12 month period," said Bob Slack, president of the Canadian Snowbird Association.
    From a tax perspective, long-term visitors who typically spend four or more months in the US each...

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  • The Lion in Winter - Irish Classical Theatre

    Take Shakespeare's malevolent Richard II for the male lead (Vincent O'Neill); add ultra ambitious Lady Macbeth as his scheming wife (Josephine Hogan); set them in a relentless marital (and political) struggle à la Edward Albee in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf; throw in a touch of King Lear, and viola, you have James Goldman's 1966 play, The Lion in Winter, performed by the highly skilled Irish Classical Theatre Company cast, and ably directed by Brian Cavanagh.
    This time, the play should be renamed The Lion and Lioness in Winter because Hogan's Eleanor of Aquitaine and O'Neill's Henry II are equally matched, like watching powerful heavyweights Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier box 15 brutal rounds. The play premiered on Broadway in 1966, and was adapted by Goldman into an Academy Award-winning 1968 film, starring Peter O'Toole and Katharine Hepburn...

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  • Niagara Winter Day Trips

    When snow accumulates on the ground, few travellers here in Niagara want to take road trips that are too far from home. Here are a few travel destination suggestions, two hours or less from home.
    Buffalo, N.Y. Yes, shuffle off to Buffalo which has lots to offer including the new, massive 3,252 square metre (35,000 square foot) outdoor skating rink, the largest in New York State, called Ice@Canalside located at the former home of the Buffalo Sabres, Memorial Auditorium. It opened in December, 2014. Admission: $5.00 for 13 years and older. Nearby parking is free at the Erie Basin Marina at 329 Erie Street. Skate rental is $3.00. Try the nearby unique Tim Horton's HarbourCenter.
    Another kid-friendly place to visit is the Buffalo Zoo at 300 Parkside Avenue, a 9.5 hectare (23.5 acre) zoo in the middle of beautiful Delaware Park, established in 1875 and open daily year round. It has...

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  • Buffalo, New York, The Kavinoky Theatre - Family Furniture by A.R. Gurney

    Family Furniture is yet another A.R. Gurneyplay, premiered at Buffalo's Kavinoky Theatre, located just across the Peace Bridge at nearby D'Youville College. Gurney is one of America's most productive playwrights, and this time, his play has geographic resonance with Canadians, set on Lake Erie's Niagara shoreline during the 1950s. All these years, we have been exposed to affluent Americans who have purchased prime properties along Lake Erie from Fort Erie to Port Colborne, to conveniently summer in idyllic cottage fashion upon the lakefront, content to employ family furniture as basic furnishings, a metaphor for their patrician heritage.
    Gurney gets all the place names correct, citing Prospect Point, Shaw in NOTL, Ridgeway and other...

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  • Twenty Valley Winter WineFest Expands with Friday Night Concert

    The sixth annual Twenty Valley Winter WineFest invites visitors to sip, savour and celebrate world class Twenty Valley Icewines as well as red, white and sparkling selections January 9, 10 & 11, 2015 on Main St. in Jordan Village, ON, during the first weekend of the month-long Niagara Icewine Festival.
    "This signature event provides a chance to taste the wide array of wines and styles that truly showcase the extreme talent, strength and variety in Twenty Valley wines," says Twenty Valley Tourism President and Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery proprietor, Sue-Ann Staff, of the festival.
    Visitors to the Twenty Valley Winter WineFest are invited to enjoy cozy open fires, live music, stylish fashion shows as well as winemakers' challenges. Indulge in the best of local food with delicious...

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  • Shaw Festival Film Series

    Good news for film buffs; Shaw has announced its 2014-15 films. Film series ticket prices are as follows: Single ticket: $12, Film pass - all 12 for $129, Documentary pass - all 5 for $49, Stocking stuffer - 9 features for $99. You may also enjoy a bite to eat before Saturday films at the lunch market which will feature local food trucks and vendors. Doors open at 1:30pm. Saturday films @ 3pm in the Festival Theatre; Friday films @ 6pm in the Festival Theatre. Contact Shaw at: 1.800.511.7429 or www.shawfest.com/films...

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  • Irish Classical Theater - Death of a Salesman

    The Irish Classical Theatre Company, recently honored as Best Theatre Company in Buffalo by ARTVOICE for the ninth consecutive year, continues its 2014-2015 Season with Arthur Miller's Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning masterpiece Death of a Salesman at ICTC's Andrews Theatre Friday, November 7 - Sunday, November 30, 2014.
    Willy Loman pursues his fading and elusive American dream. An exploration of failure and success; vulnerability and bravado, this poignant and moving story of love, friendship, pride and betrayal is not to be missed.
    Directed by ICTC Associate Director Greg Natale, Death of a Salesman stars John Fredo as the iconic Willy Loman, and features Ellen Horst as Linda, Paschal Frisina III as Biff, Adam Rath as Happy, Joe Liolos as Bernard, Bethany Sparacio as The Woman, Gerry Maher as Charley, Mark Donahue as Uncle Ben, Doug Weyand as Howard Wagner, Jennifer Fitzery as...

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  • Kick-off the Holiday Season with the Wrapped Up in the Valley Winery Passport Program

    The Twenty Valley Tourism Association (TVTA) is pleased to announce that passports for the eighth annual Wrapped Up in the Valley are now on sale. Join us for exceptional wine and food pairings at up to 24 of the area's premium wineries. Wrapped Up in the Valley showcases VQA wines paired with gourmet appetizers at 24 of the Twenty Valley's wineries. Passport holders choose a weekend in November 1& 2, 7 & 8, or 14 & 15 and may explore the Valley between 11am and 5 pm.
    As an added bonus, assemble your own Wrapped Up Cookbook by collecting the wine and food pairing on recipe cards at each stop along the way. A single weekend passport is $40.00 per person (+ HST) and may be purchased online at www.twentyvalley.ca or by phone at 905-562-3636 and at...

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  • Wine Place - Niagara Falls

  • The Jewish Repertory Theatre - Old Jews Telling Jokes

    Jewish Comedians have excelled at their calling in seemingly large numbers from slapstick to stand-up to sketch to hosting and more forms of comedy delivery. My parents were fond of Jack Benny (Benjamin Kubelsky), Milton Berle (Mendel Berlinger), Isaac Sidney "Sid" Caesar, Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx, Jackie Mason and Buddy Hackett (Leonard Hacker).
    Canadian born Eugene Levy, Morton Lyon "Mort" Sahl and Frank and Wayne Shuster seemed to fare quite well. I graduated from Jerry Lewis to Sheldon "Shelley" Berman and Mel Brooks (Melvin James Kaminsky). I never cared much for Jerome Allen "Jerry" Seinfeld or Donald Jay "Don" Rickles. Peter Sellers (born Richard Henry Sellers) and Heywood "Woody" Allen (Allan Stewart Konigsberg) were my favourites in the movies.
    The guy who currently helps to make my life sane on a daily basis (pun) is Jonathan Stewart Leibowitz host of The Daily Show. He used to showcase Lewis Niles Black who likes to rant. William Edward "Billy" Crystal is adept at movies and stand-up, and I haven't mentioned the ladies yet...

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  • Just Junk - Removal Made Easy

  • Ailey II - Exciting dance at Brock's Centre for the Arts!

    In the talent-hungry professional sports world, rookies emerge from the minors. The parent Blue Jays summon their baseball hopefuls from the Buffalo Bisons; the hockey Leafs, from the Marlies. In dance, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater has the luxury of Ailey II that performed to standing ovations recently at Brock University's Centre for the Arts during an international multi-city tour that takes them to France, Germany, Canada and throughout the U.S.
    At the David S. Howes Theatre, I watched three pieces - breakthrough, Hissy Fits and Revelations. Breakthrough I enjoyed the most, the stunningly new choreography (2014) by Manuel Vignoulle with music and noises interplaying, the dancers agility, power and grace constantly tested. The 2006 Hissy Fits by choreographer Dwight Rhoden (a former Ailey star dancer) depicts the tumultuous and ambivalent nature of human relationships with J.S. Bach's piano music, a powerful backdrop to the high-voltage interplay of five couples, each of whom feels...

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  • Buffalo, New York - The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
    The Rachmaninoff Festival

    With energetic JoAnn Falletta conducting, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra was in good form on a brisk October Sunday afternoon performing Part 2 of its Rachmaninoff Festival. The ominous "The Isle Of the Dead" opened the concert, based upon a gloomy painting by Swiss artist Arnold Bocklin of a boat carrying a coffin to an island. Beautiful and melancholy at the same time, an unhurried lament that gathered steam and led to Concerto No. 1 in F-sharp minor for Piano and Orchestra, Op 1, with soloist, Gabriela Martinez from Caracas, Venezuela, exhibiting long, graceful arms - reminding me of Swan Lake as she dazzled us on the keyboards. A Julliard grad, she has performed as soloist and chamber musician in more than 50 concert halls throughout the world. Watching her at the piano and the first violin at her side, both tall, blonde and pony-tailed - was a thrill as...

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  • Buffalo, New York - Irish Classical Theater
    The Liar by David Ives

    The Liar Historically, homo sapiens has heavily invested in untruth. Mythology, religion, politics...pick a Jeopardy category. Bernie Madoff, master of the Ponzi scheme, admitted that his investment firm was "just one big lie," having conned $50 billion from investors who trusted him with their savings.
    My favourite liar is Bill Clinton who smoked them but did not inhale them and "did not have sexual relations with that woman," intern Monica Lewinsky. As Dorothy Parker noted above, sex is often the grounds for untruth. That's what satirist Pierre Corneille believed in 1643 France. Corneille, Racine and Moliere were careful in whom they skewered just as Edward Snowden has learned recently when speaking truth to power and in the process annoying the CIA and other clandestine operations. It seems that some people simply don't appreciate the truth as Jack Nicholson (Colonel Nathan R. Jessup, USMC) emphatically suggested to Tom Cruise (Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, USN, JAG Corps) in the movie, A Few Good Men - "You can't handle the truth!"

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  • Wine Place - Niagara Falls

  • Niagara Falls - A Winter Vacationer's Dream: Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights set to shine from Nov. 15 to Jan. 12

    Niagara Falls - A Winter Vacationer's Dream Canada's foremost illuminations festival runs from November 15 to January 12, transforming the already breathtaking landscape of Niagara Falls into a palette of magnificent colour. A favourite winter attraction for local residents and visitors for more than 30 years, the Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights helps people get in the spirit of the season by walking or driving the five-kilometre Niagara Parks Winter Wonderland lighting route and visiting other displays within the Fallsview Tourist District free of charge.
    "Winter's deep freeze and snowy weather tends to discourage people from travelling too far from home," said Brian Crow, Co-Chair of the Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights. "The Winter Festival of Lights encourages people to come together to appreciate how beautiful winter can be and to experience the wonder of the Falls as the area is transformed into..."

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  • Next Season's Productions Announced - Shaw Festival

    George Bernard Shaw The Shaw Festival announced its 2015, 54th season playbill, which features 11 productions including the re-envisioning of two Shaw comedies and two newly commissioned Canadian works. The productions are: Sweet Charity, Pygmalion, Light Up the Sky, Peter and the Starcatcher, You Never Can Tell, The Divine, The Lady from the Sea, Top Girls, The Twelve-Pound Look, The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism with a Key to the Scriptures (IHO) and The Next Whisky Bar - A Kurt Weill Cabaret.
    Artistic Director Jackie Maxwell comments: "I am very excited by the mix of classic and contemporary plays in our 2015 season. Lauded Canadian playwrights Michel Marc Bouchard and Erin Shields will be presenting pieces from and about our original mandate, commissioned and developed here at The Shaw that will...

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  • The Mountaintop - Shaw Festival

    Kevin Hanchard Opening Night: The Mountaintop, a depiction of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s last night on earth is set in Room 306, the Lorraine Motel, Memphis, Tennessee on the eve of his assassination, April 4, 1968. Gifted American playwright, Katori Hall, guides us through the 5 stages of loss and grief proposed by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book "On Death and Dying." King confronts each universal stage - denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and ultimately acceptance. In fact, his final words in this compelling drama are, "I accept," as his image fades into a dazzling array of celestial stars thanks to Shaw's magical designers, Judith Bowden (set), Kevin Lamotte (lighting), and Andrew Smith (projections).
    Tonight, we are happily reunited with talented Director Philip Akin and dazzling actor, Kevin Hanchard both from Shaw's previous terrific production of Top Dog/Underdog. Add the other-worldly Alana Hibbert as Camae into the mix, and it's another must-see play at the Studio Theatre...

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  • Juno and the Paycock - Shaw Festival

    Mary Haney Opening night -Juno and the Paycock: For me, this is Shaw's strongest, best-acted play of the season with roles to-die-for, made-to-measure for the two principals, Mary Haney as Juno and Jim Mezon as Captain Jack Boyle, the Paycock (peacock). Haney and Mezon are superb along with Benedict Campbell as Joxer Daly, Mezon's crusty sidekick and Corrine Koslo, always brilliant as Maisie Madigan, another struggling lodger in the Boyle's dingy tenement building and Marla McLean and Charlie Gallant, the Boyle children, their sullen, glazed faces epitomizing shock and degradation along with a terrific supporting cast that includes the likes of Gord Rand (Charles Bentham), Jennifer Phipps (Mrs. Tancred), and Lorne Kennedy (Needle Nugent). Wow! What a cast and what a performance!
    The Irish are an irascible breed indeed. They are sentimental and prone to anguish, stoked by drink, fanatically devout or worldly, moody and miserable or irresistibly merry with song and dance, and magically lyrical with their wonderful word choice, natural poets who speak expressively of the human condition - evoking an insatiable yearning that can never be quenched, no matter...

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                            Images of Niagara                
                            Images of Niagara                
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Bed And Breakfasts

The House By The Side Of The Road

Fort Erie-Ridgeway-Crystal Beach

Cottage Rentals

Crystal Beach Guest Houses


Bed And Breakfasts

Beamer Falls Manor At Falconridge Farm

Niagara On The Lake


The Olde Angel Inn
Best Western Colonel Butler Inn
Charles Inn
Gate House Hotel
Harbour House Hotel
Hilton Garden Inn
Moffat Inn
The Oban Inn & Spa
Orchid Inn
Pillar And Post
Prince of Wales
Queen's Landing
Riverbend Inn & Vineyard
Shaw Club Hotel And Spa
South Landing Inn
White Oaks Resort And Spa

Bed And Breakfasts

Abacot Hall Bed and Breakfast www.abacothall.com
Addison's Private Garden Suites www.addisons.com
Alfred's Coach House www.alfredscoachhouse.com
Allison House Inn circa 1859 www.allisonhouse.ca
Apple Tree Historic Bed and Breakfast www.appletreebb.ca
A Pillow & Toast B&B http://apillowandtoast.com/
Arbour View Bed and Breakfast www.arbourview.com
Argus House www.argushouse.com
Avoca B & B and Garden Suite www.avocahouse.ca
B & B Wild Rose www.bedandbreakfastwildrose.com
Bernard Gray Hall Bed and Breakfast www.bernardgrayhall.com
Bit of Eden B&B http://www.bitofeden.com/
Blairpen House Country Inn www.blairpenhouse.com
The Brass Bell Bed and Breakfast www.brassbell.ca
Brockamour Manor circa 1809 www.brockamour.com
Brock Hollow Bed and Breakfast www.brockhollow.com
Burke House Inn circa 1822 www.burkehouseinn.com
Cecile's House circa 1890 www.cecilehouse.com
Cedar Gables Bed and Breakfast www.cedargables.ca
Copper Lane Bed and Breakfast www.copperlanebb.com
Davy House Historic Country Inn circa 1842 www.davyhouse.com
Dietsch's Empty Nest Bed and Breakfast www.dietschsemptynest.com
Dorchester House www.dorchester-house.com
Down Home Bed and Breakfast www.downhomeniagara.ca
Eagle's Wing Bed and Breakfast www.eagleswingbandb.com
Everheart Country Manor www.everheart.ca
Finlay House Bed and Breakfast www.finlayhouse.ca
Graystone Bed and Breakfast www.graystonebb.com
Hiebert's Guest House www.hiebertsguesthouse.com
Historic Wilson-Guy House circa 1816 www.historicwilson-guyhouse.com
Hoppy's Bed and Breakfast www.canvisit.com/Notlbba.373
John's Gate Gourmet Bed and Breakfast www.johnsgate.com
King's Way Bed and Breakfast www.bbstay.ca/kingsway
Lakelands Bed and Breakfast www.lakelandsbb.com
Lakewinds Country Manor circa 1881 www.lakewinds.ca
Maria's Bed and Breakfast www.mariasbb.ca
Merlot House Bed and Breakfast www.merlothouse.ca
Newark Manor http://www.newarkmanor.ca/
Oakhaven Bed and Breakfast http://www.oakhaven.ca/default.html
The Old Bank House www.oldbankhouse.com
Old Town Country Landing www.otcl.ca
The Open Door Bed and Breakfast www.theopendoorb-b.com
Le Papillon Bed and Breakfast www3.sympatico.ca/lepapillon
Paris House www.parishouse-bb.com
Parliament Cottage Bed and Breakfast circa 1840 www.parliamentcottage.com
Piano House http://pianohouseretreat.com/
Ranger's Retreat http://rangersretreat.com/
The Red Coat Bed and Breakfast http://www.theredcoat.ca/
Redwood Garden Bed and Breakfast http://www.redwoodgarden.ca/
Regent Garden Mews Bed and Breakfast http://www.regentgardenmews.com/
Regent House Luxury Guest Rental http://www.regenthouse.ca/
River Bend House http://www.riverbendhouse.ca/
The River Breeze www.theriverbreeze.com
The Rogers Harrison House circa 1817 www.rogers-harrison.on.ca
Royal Manor Bed and Breakfast www.royalmanorbb.com
Silken Dreams B&B http://www.silkendreams.ca/
Silver Maple B&B http://www.silvermaplebb.com/
Simcoe Manor Inn www.simcoemanor.com
Skyehaven Bed & Breakfast http://www.skyehaven.com/
The Stewart House http://thestewarthouse.ca/
Three Forty Gate B&B http://threefortygate.com/
La Toscana di Carlotta at Burns House circa 1818 www.tuscanbb.com
The Trillium B&B Niagara Falls http://www.trilliumbb.ca/
Two Bees Bed and Breakfast (formerly Cranberry House) www.twobeesniagara.com
Via Veneto www.via-veneto.ca
Vineyard Estate Bed and Breakfast http://vineyardestate.ca/
The Vineyards Bed and Breakfast www.thevineyardsbnb.ca
Vista View Cottage http://vistaviewcottage.com/
WeatherPine Inn www.weatherpine.com
The Wellington House Bed & Breakfast http://www.wellingtonhouse.ca/
Williams Gate Bed and Breakfast www.williamsgate.com
Williams Retreat B&B http://williamsretreat.com/
The Wine Country Bed & Breakfast http://winecountrybb.com/
Yolanta's Bed and Breakfast www.yolantabb.com

Cottage Rentals

Abba's Cottages http://www.abbascottages.com/
Abigail House http://www.abigailhouse.ca/
Niagara Cottages http://www.niagaracottages.com/contact.html
Andrew Logan House http://www.andrewloganhouse.com/
Cottage By The Marina http://www.cottagebythemarina.com/
Governor's Walk http://www.governorswalk.ca/
Periwinkle Cottage http://www.periwinklecottage.ca/
Salisbury Villa http://www.faccess.com/salisbury/
The Swinton Cottage http://theswintoncottage.com/
The Town Cottage http://www.thetowncottage.ca/
Vintner's Cottage http://www.vintnerscottage.com/

Spa Accommodations

The Oban Inn & Spa http://www.obaninn.ca/
100 Fountain Spa at Pillar and Post http://www.vintage-hotels.com/pillarandpost/spa.htm
Secret Garden Spa at Prince of Wales Hotel http://www.spasofamerica.com/spas/prince_wales
Shaw Spa at Shaw Club Hotel http://www.shawclub.com/niagara-on-the-lake/hotel.asp


Shalamar Lake Campground http://www.shalamarlake.com/

Niagara Falls

Bed And Breakfasts

Always Inn http://www.alwaysinn.ca/
Ambiance by the Falls Bed and Breakfast http://www.ambiancebythefalls.com/
Americas Best Value Chalet Inn http://www.chalet-inn.com/
Blue Gables B&B http://www.bluegablesbb.com/
Blythewood Manor Bed & Breakfast http://www.blythewoodmanor.com/
Bright Falls Chalet http://www.brightfallschalet.com/
Chestnut Inn Bed & Breakfast http://www.chestnutinnbb.com/
Danner House Bed And Breakfast http://www.dannerhouse.com/
Eastwood Lodge http://www.theeastwood.com/
Ellis House Bed & Breakfast Suites http://www.ellishouse.ca/index.html
Greystone Manor Bed and Breakfast http://www.greystone-manor.ca/
Kilpatrick Manor Bed & Breakfast http://www.kilpatrickmanor.com/
Niagara Inn Bed & Breakfast http://www.niagarainn.com/
Emerald Falls B&B http://www.niagarasemeraldfallsbb.com/
Redwood Bed & Breakfast http://www.redwoodbedandbreakfast.ca/
Spring Manor B&B http://www.springmanor.ca/
Stamford Village Bed & Breakfast http://stamfordvillagebedandbreakfast.com/
Trillium Bed & Breakfast http://www.trilliumbb.ca/
Two Rivers Niagara B&B http://www.tworiversniagara.com/packages.html
Victorian Charm Bed & Breakfast http://www.victoriancharmbb.com/
Villa Alexandrea Tourist Home http://www.villa-alexandrea.com/
Villa Gardenia Bed & Breakfast http://www.villagardeniabb.com/
Village Bed & Breakfast http://www.niagarafallscanada.net/bb.html

St. Catharines

Bed And Breakfasts

Tudor Creek Bed and Breakfast
Brunlea House B&B
Cedar Suite Bed & Breakfast
Heritage House Bed and Breakfast
Inn on the Henley
Omi's Haus B&B
Rheinhessen Estate B&B
Springbank House B&B
The Fairview at Rockway
Wine Country Manor B&B
Wooton House on the Water


Bed And Breakfasts

Atherton House Bed & Breakfast
Black Walnut Manor
Bullfrog Pond B&B
A Touch Of Spice Guest House


Attractions/Things to do

Canadian Attractions

Accessible Niagara
Adventure City
Bike Train
Bird Kingdom Niagara Falls
Cycle Niagara
Discover 1812
Fallsview Casino Resort
Fallsview Indoor Waterpark
Floral Show House
Fort George
Greater Niagara Circle Route
Greg Frewin Theatre
IMAX Theatre Niagara Falls
Journey Behind the Falls
Lantern Lit Ghost Walk of Niagara-on-the-Lake
Laura Secord Homestead
Legends on the Niagara golf
Lock 7 Viewing Complex
Louis Tussaud's Waxworks
Lundy's Lane Historical Museum
Mackenzie Printery & Newspaper Museum
Maid of the Mist Boat Tours
National Helicopters
Niagara Falls Gay
Niagara Golf Trail
Niagara Greenbelt
Niagara Parks Commission
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
Niagara Sports Commission
Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens
Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory
Niagara's Fury
Nightmares Fear Factory
Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show
Old Fort Erie
Ontario Tourism
Planet Hollywood Niagara Falls
Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum
Riverbrink Art Museum
Rossi Glass
Safari Niagara
Sherkston Shores Resort
Sir Adam Beck Power Plant Tours
Skylon Tower
Slots at Fort Erie Race Track
Souvenir City Headquarters
Welland Canals Centre at Lock 3
Whirlpool Aero Car
Whirlpool Golf Course
Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours
White Water Walk
Winter Festival of Lights
WWE Store Niagara Falls

American Attractions

Adventure Calls
African American Cultural Center
Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Amherst Marine Center
Amherst Museum
Angling Adventures with Schultz Sportfishing
Another Time, Another Place
Antique World & Marketplace
Aquarium of Niagara
Arcade and Attica Railroad
Area 51 Motocross Park
Arrowhead Spring Vineyards
Batavia Downs Casino & Racetrack
Beaver Meadow Audubon Center
Becker Farms & Vizcarra Vineyards
Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens
Buffalo Harbor Cruises - Miss Buffalo
Buffalo Museum of Science
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
Buffalo Raceway
Buffalo Sabres
Buffalo Zoo
Cave of the Winds Tour
Cinelli's Niagara River Guides
Darien Lake Theme Park & Resort
Dave Horvath's Fishing Charters
Doug's Charter Fishing Service
Dunn Tire Raceway Park
Elbert Hubbard-Roycroft Museum
Erie Canal Discovery Center
Eveningside Vineyards
Explore & More Children's Museum
First Class Bass Charters
Fishgrappler Charters
Forest Lawn Cemetery
Fort Niagara State Park
Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin D Martin House
Frank Lloyd Wright's Graycliff Estate
Frank Lloyd Wright's Rowing Boathouse
Frontier Skydivers
Grand Island Sportsman's Niagara River Tours & Charters
Grand Lady Cruises
Hamburg Casino
Ira G Ross Aerospace Museum
Jeff's River Charters
Jell-O Gallery Museum
Jim Hanley's Northeast Outdoors Charters
Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Cruises
Miss Buffalo Cruise Boat
Mark Twain Room
Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours
Ransomville Speedway
Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel
Shakespeare in Delaware Park
Shea's Performing Arts Center



Lazy Loon
Lung Kong
The Urban Steakhouse & Lounge

Fort Erie

Coffee Culture
Ming Teh Chinese Restaurant
The Old Bank Bistro and Bar
The Scuttlebutt Tap & Eatery

Jordan & Vineland

About Thyme Bistro
Jordan House Tavern
Inn on the Twenty Restaurant
Lake House Restaurant & Lounge
The Beacon Harbourfront Restaurant & Lounge
Vineland Estates Winery
Zooma Zooma Cafe

Niagara On The Lake

The Olde Angel Inn
Cannery Restaurant at Pillar and Post
Charles Inn
The Epicurean
Escabeche Restaurant at Prince of Wales Hotel
Ginger Restaurant
Hillebrand Winery Restaurant
The Irish Harp Pub
Liv Restaurant at White Oaks Resort and Spa
Peller Estates Winery Restaurant
Restaurant Oban Inn
Ristorante Giardino at the Gate House Hotel
Riverbend Inn And Vineyard
Terroir La Cachette Restaurant And Wine Bar at Strewn Winery
Tiara Restaurant at Queen's Landing
Zees Grill

Niagara Falls

B Jays Family Restaurant
Betty's Restaurant
Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse & Wine Bar
Carpaccio Restaurant & Wine Bar
Casa D'Oro Dining Lounge
Casa Mia Italian Restaurant
Delhi Darbar Indian Cuisine
Eagle Valley Restaurant
Fallsview Rainbow Room Restaurant
Fallsview Restaurant
Gooee's Oriental Grill
Hard Rock Cafe
Montana's Cookhouse & Bar
Jack Tanner's
Johnny Rocco's Italian Grill
Keg Steakhouse
Kelsey's Restaurant
Lai's Chinese Restaurant
Mai Vi
Mama Mia's Italian Restaurant
Michael's Inn
Mick & Angelo's Eatery & Bar
Monticello Grille House & Wine Bar
The Oakes Hotel
Oh Canada Eh Dinner Show
Passage to India
Perkins Family Restaurant & Bakery
Planet Hollywood
Rainforest Cafe
Ramano's Macaroni Grill
Secret Garden Restaurant
Casa Vostra Ristorante
Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant
Suisha Gardens
Taki Restaurant
T.G.I. Fridays
Tony Roma's
Wacky Wings
The Watermark
Whirlpool Restaurant

Niagara Falls, NY

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar
Bob Evans Restaurants
Caffe Lola
Chu's Dining Lounge
Dairy Queen
David's Home of the Steak Hoagy
Donatello's Restaurant
Fortuna's Restaurant
Hard Rock Cafe
Honey's-Niagara Falls
La Hacienda Restaurant
Leon's Italian Bistro & Pizza
Michaels Italian Restaurant
Mighty Taco
Mom's Coffee Shop & Restaurant
Red Coach Inn
Sandi's Family Restaurant
Top of the Falls Restaurant
Trio's Pizzeria
Wine on Third

Port Colborne

@27 Restaurant
Canalside Pub & Eatery
Minor Fish and Chips
San Marco's Ristorante
The Smokin' Buddha

St. Catharines

Angel's Diner
August Restaurant
Avondale Dairy Bar
Beamsville Bakery
Benchmark Restaurant
Big Marco's Restaurant
Bleu Turtle Breakfast Bistro
Booster Juice
Boston Pizza
Burger King
Cafe Garibaldi Ristorante
Carlos Cantina
Cat's Caboose
Chang Noi's Thai Cuisine
Coffee Culture
Dalhousie Yacht Club
Dani's Bistro
Dom's Downtown Pasta
Domino's Pizza
Duru Korean Restaurant
East Japanese Sushi
El Gastronomo Vagabundo
Frado's Dining Lounge
Frosted Cupcake
Good Eats Diner
Grazi Cafe
Helen's Delicatessen
Itt's Thai
J Rocks Bar & Pizza
Jack Astor's Bar & Grill
Jimmy the Greek
Joe Feta's Greek Village
Joey's Seafood Restaurants
Johnny Rocco's
Keefer Mansion Inn
Lakehouse Resturant
Lina Linguini's
Little Caesars Pizza
Made in Japan a Teriyaki Experience
Magnolia Chinese Cuisine
Mahtay Cafe
Mai Vi
Marble Slab Creamery
Merchant Ale House
Mystic Jack's
The Office Tap & Grill
Pan Cafe
Papa John's Pizza
Papa Vince Pizza
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
Pizza Hut
Pow - Wow Restaurant
Red Onion
Sahla Thai Restaurant
Shoeless Joe's
St. Joseph Bakery
Starbucks Coffee
Sub's Plus
Sunrise Cafe
Swiss Chalet
Taco Bell
Tasty Thai
Thai Express
The Blue Mermaid
The Bull BBQ Pit
The Butcher and Banker Pub
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar
The Maple Leaf Hut
The Office Tap & Grill
The Pita Pit
Touch Of India Restaurant
Wendy's Old Fashioned
Wrap a Pita
Your Bakery
Zooma Zooma Cafe


Blue Star Restaurant
Canalside Pub & Eatery
Cheers Restaurant
Lily's Cuisine
Little Caesars Pizza
Luciano's Pizzeria
Lung Kong Restaurant
MT Bellies
San Marco's Ristorante
Swing Restaurant
The Pita Pit
The Rex Hotel
The Smokin' Buddha
The Urban
Tie Pink Restaurant
Walter's and Neptune's


Niagara On The Lake

Bernard's - The Shaw Festival Shop
Emily Robbins Creations

Niagara's 12 Municipalities


Bonjour Niagara

Tourism Niagara


Fort Erie
(see Discover Fort Erie)

(see About Grimsby)

Lincoln Tourism
(see Visitors)

Lincoln/Twenty Valley

Niagara Falls Tourism
(see Tourism in Niagara Falls)

(see Tourism)

Pelham Tourism
(see Visitors)

Port Colborne Tourism
(see Visitors - things to do)

St. Catharines Tourism
(See Experience in -Things to do & see)

Thorold Tourism

(see Exploring)

Welland Tourism
(see Discover)

West Lincoln Tourism

Specialty Foods

Niagara On The Lake

Cheese Secrets
Greaves Jams & Marmalades
Maple Leaf Fudge
Willow Cakes And Pastries


Niagara On The Lake

Crush on Niagara Wine Tours
Niagara Wine Tours International


Travel/Border Crossing

Wineries / Wine Tours

The Niagara Region is famous for wine and with its cold climate Niagara is also known around the world for its Ice Wine.

Courtesy Travel Channel on YouTube


Angels Gate Winery
Atlantis Niagara Wines
Aure Wines
Back 10 Cellars
Cornerstone Estate Winery
Crown Bench Estates Winery
Crush on Niagara Wine Tours
Daniel Lenko Estate Winery
De Sousa Wine Cellars
EastDell Estates Winery
Fielding Estate Winery
Good Earth Vineyard Winery
Greenlane Estate Winery
Hidden Bench Vineyards & Winery
Legends Estates Winery
Lencor Inc. / Daniel Lenko Estate Winery
Magnotta Winery
Malivoire Wine Co.
Mike Weir Wine Inc
Mountain Road Wine Company
Organized Crime Winery (The)
Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery
Rennie Estate Winery
Rosewood Estates Winery & Meadery
Thirty Bench Wines
Thomas & Vaughan Estate Winery
2027 Cellars Ltd
Vieni Estates


Delaney Bachelder, Ltee


Andres Wines
Kittling Ridge Estate Wines & Spirits


Calamus Estate Winery
Cave Spring Cellars
Ferndale Vineyards
Flat Rock Cellars
Kacaba Vineyards
Le Clos Jordanne
Pearl Morissette Estate Winery
Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery
Westcott Vineyards

Jordan Station

Creekside Estate Winery
Di Profio Wines Limited
Harbour Estates Winery

Niagara Falls

Constellation Brands Canada
The Wine Place
Vincor Canada

Niagara On The Lake

Jackson-Triggs Winery On YouTube

20 Bees
Between the Lines Winery
Caroline Cellars
Cattail Creek Estate Winery
Chateau Des Charmes Wines
Colaneri Estate Winery
Coyote's Run Estate Winery
Diamond Estates Winery
Demoura Winery
Five Rows Craft Wine
Frogpond Farm Organic Winery
Hillebrand Estates Winery
Hinterbrook Estate Winery
Icellars Estate Winery Inc.
Inniskillin Wines
Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery
Joseph's Estate Wines
Konzelmann Estate Winery
Mike Weir Estate Winery Limited
Niagara College Teaching Winery
Maleta & St. Henry Estate Winery
Marynissen Estates Winery
Nia Wine Group Co., Ltd.
Lailey Vineyard Wines
Lowrey Estate Vineyards and Winery
Palatine Hills Estate
Peller Estates Winery
Perridiso Estate Winery
Pillitteri Estates Winery
PondView Estate Winery
Rancourt Winery
Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery
Reif Estate Winery
Reimer Vineyards Winery
Riverview Cellars Estate Winery
Southbrook Vineyards
Stonechurch Vineyards Inc.
Stratus Vineyards
Strewn Winery
Sunnybrook Farm Estate Winery
The Ice House Winery
Two Sisters Vineyards Corp.
Vignoble Rancourt Winery

Jackson-Triggs Winery On YouTube

St. Catharines

Brock Days 2009 On YouTube

13th Street Winery
Big Head Wines Inc.
Harvest Estate Wines
Henry of Pelham Winery
Hernder Estate Wines
Kings Court Winery
Rockway Glen Estate Winery Inc.
Trillium Hill Estate Winery


Vineland Estates Winery On YouTube

Alvento Winery
Birchwood Estate Wines
Creekside Estate Winery
Crispino Wines & Estate Winery
Featherstone Winery & Vineyard
Foreign Affair Winery (The)
GreenLane Estate Winery
Harbour Estates Winery
John Howard Cellars of Distinction
Kacaba Vineyards
Lakeview Cellars Estate Winery
Redstone Winery
Ridgepoint Wines
Royal DeMaria Wines
Stoney Ridge Estate Winery
Tawse Winery
Twenty Twenty Seven Cellars
Vineland Estates Winery
Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery
Willow Heights Winery

Niagara, USA

Canadian citizens travelling to the United States require proper documents which are explained at the Canada Border Services Agency website. Border Wait Times are detailed here. To ensure a trouble-free trip you should visit their Planning A Trip page to ensure that you enjoy safe and hassle free travel.

Effective June 1, 2009, all travelers, including citizens of the United States, Canada and Bermuda, entering or re-entering the United States will be required to have a passport, passport card or WHTI-compliant document. For more information about entry into the United States, visit US Customs/Border Security at http://www.cbp.gov or www.getyouhome.gov. The US Department of State website at www.travel.state.gov and the US Department of Homeland Security website at www.dhs.gov have further information.

Niagara, Canada

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